Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Will Senate Republicans Abandon Fight for Judiciary?

Bloomberg Press is reporting that Senate Republicans are about to abandon the battle over judicial appointments. They report that senators from both parties have little interest in staging a big floor fight over some of Bush’s appointees. Some in the Senate claim that there are just too many other pressing issues. Instead, they will concentrate on confirming judges who enjoy bipartisan support. (Translation: “moderates”).

I couldn’t disagree more. There is no single issue more important than the battle to restore some constitutional boundaries on a run-away federal bench. As of now, there are eight vacancies on federal appeals courts – including our own 9th Circuit. This is the moment to strike, to press the battle for strict constructionists.

Press reports indicate that William Meyers, nominated by Bush to the 9th Circuit in 2003, will not even get a vote -- leaving us without a single Idahoan on the appeals court. His defeat comes because of objections from the Environmental Lobby and other members of the Big Left Coalition.

One is tempted to conclude that this situation is a classic example of the dominant cynicism of the Republican Party. The “judicial crisis” is good for stirring the base at election time and raising money. But apparently the pooh-bah crowd has no intention of actually reforming the judicial branch.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Congratulations to Risch

The people of Idaho have a new governor – James Risch. It is an unusual situation which brings Risch to the office he’s studied for some thirty years. But we take time to celebrate his assumption of the office, to congratulate Vicki and him, because of his life-long commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

As a long time chief in the Idaho State Senate, Risch developed a solid record of leadership on pro-Life issues. For years, every pro-Life bill which came through the Senate was sponsored on the floor by Risch. He led debate and parried the attacks by pro-choice members of the Senate. That included a very tough debate on the proposed Ban of Partial Birth Abortions. (And, yes, they are taking place in Idaho).

While his tenure will be short, Risch will be the most socially conservative governor to serve in over forty years. We hope for some real improvements in the treatment of prenatal children during his time in office.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Women Ill-Served by Scientific Community and Government

You can add RU-486 to the list of threats to women being covered-up by our government and the scientific community. We talked last week about breast cancer and increased risk of premature births – now it seems the FDA continues to stall around on the risks posed by chemical abortions.

Despite the deaths of at least five American women following use of RU-486, the FDA told members of Congress that “we don’t yet know whether chemical abortions increase the probability of getting this often fatal infection.”

And they are certainly not prepared to pull the drug from the market.

One wonders: Exactly what is the job of the FDA? And how many women will have to die before “science” comes to their rescue? Without doubt the primary victims of legalized abortion are the tiny innocents; but women are themselves being sacrificed on the altar of feminist politics.

Their only hope comes from members of Congress who listened to that brain-damaged testimony.

Friday, May 26, 2006

2006 Primary Good for Babies & Families

The Primary Election is behind us. And there are many victories to celebrate. Pro-Life Idahoans showed up and helped beat back a concerted and richly-funded effort by liberals to overrun Idaho families under the cover of “Republicanism”.

At the top of the list is Bill Sali, who overcame substantial odds and powerful opponents to defeat Sheila Sorensen and the national “pro-choice” Republican movement. Phone calls were flying into Idaho from national abortion groups salivating over the prospect of electing a pro-choice Republican woman – in Idaho, of all places. It nearly worked.

While there will be grousing by the defeated for awhile – Sali is well positioned to win the seat this fall against a liberal Democrat.

We are also grateful for the victory of Tom Luna as state schools chief. Oddly enough, both IEA candidates for the post were defeated in the primaries. Perhaps they outwitted themselves by trying to calibrate a Democrat cross-over effort to elect Sorensen and Smylie. However it came about – Bert Marley’s defeat by an unknown bureaucrat in the Democrat Primary is a huge blessing. He can no longer plague our children as a member of the Idaho Senate.

We’ll have more to say about the elections next week.

In the meantime – let me express our gratitude to those of you who took the time to use your ballot as a shield for God’s little ones. And may the Lord bless you for your act of love.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scientist Writes to Educate About ABC Link

There appeared a letter to the editor in the Idaho Statesman this week from Dr. Al Kertz out of St. Louis. It was almost missed because of all the political coverage – but Dr. Kertz has apparently noticed the recent debate in Idaho over linkages between abortion and breast cancer.

Dr. Kertz wrote to help educate Idahoans on the politics within the scientific community, and how often those politics confuse and delay honest efforts to reach the truth. He specifically chastised the National Cancer Institute for leading efforts to deny a link between abortion and breast cancer.

He tries to explain that science is often locked into bias. For example, it wasn’t until 1982 that researchers were able to prove that ulcers come bacteria – not stress. But it wasn’t until 2005 that those researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work.

Idaho’s Department of Health & Welfare has a duty to inform women and girls about the substantial body of scientific research showing an increased risk of breast cancer before they choose abortion. While the Department is not in a position to positively predict breast cancer for any particular person, and while it probably cannot endorse the ABC link given the current controversy – it should still take steps to ensure that Idaho’s daughters are aware of the controversy so they can make an intelligent and informed decision.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Premature Births Now at All-Time High

The Idaho Statesman carried a Washington Post story this week about the steady, alarming increase in premature births within the United States. The percentage of babies born early is now at an all-time high: In fact, the average pregnancy has now shortened to 39 weeks.

This rise puts babies at risk for health and developmental problems. It also costs taxpayers a huge amount of money each year.

The article is helpful – but misleading. It fails to identify the number one cause: abortion history. The British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology has published 4 articles in the past seven years showing linkage between abortion history and subsequent premature births.

One of those studies was done in France, and included 2,837 cases. It found that mothers who had previously had an abortion were more than 1.7 times more likely to give birth to a baby at less than 28 weeks’ gestation.

This is one reason we have been pushing for expanded prenatal care – as well as better information for women considering abortion. Idaho’s Department of Health & Welfare continues to fail our daughters by remaining silent on the linkage between abortion and premature births.

And the March of Dimes, still trusted by too many Americans, continues to support abortion rights while demanding more money for research to treat the symptoms of legalized abortion.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Pro-Family Conservatives Must Unite Behind Sali

We are coming down to cases in tomorrow’s Republican Primary for Congress. Our best analysis is that the race is going to come down to the liberal Sheila Sorenson and the conservative, Bill Sali.

By rights, this should contest should not even be interesting enough to generate a headline. Without a fractured Republican vote, there is just no way that a pro-tax, pro-choice liberal could win the 1st District – no matter how rich she is. But the front-runner, Bill Sali, is being drained of crucial votes by a slew of candidates without hope of winning. Add an open call by Democrat leaders for a cross-over effort to elect Sheila, and you have a prescription for disaster. (See Bill Cope’s column in the latest Boise Weekly).

I had hopes that leaders like Skip Brandt and Norm Semanko would have stepped aside long ago to protect preborn children from Sorensen. Polling I’ve seen suggests that Brandt is winning about 1% of the vote, and Semanko somewhere in the range of 3%. But obviously that is too much to ask of candidates so embroiled in their own personal quests; we will have to do that hard work for them by not squandering our ballots.

Given the obvious dangers, it is imperative that pro-family conservatives unite behind Bill Sali in tomorrow’s primary.

Sali’s victory will help ensure that the Republican Party in Idaho adheres more closely to the values articulated in its Party Platform. By contrast, a cross-over victory by Sorensen means a more liberal, morally confused GOP. Her brand of liberalism will trickle down to the Legislature and even the county party organizations.

In tomorrow’s primary, a vote for Johnson, Brandt, Semanko or Vasquez translates into direct support for a more liberal politics in Idaho and the nation. Sorensen’s victory will engender a terrible betrayal of our kids and Idaho’s preborn children.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Russ Fulcher Has Earned Our Trust

Another crucial race for pro-Lifers is the primary contest in District 21 – around Kuna. State Senator Russ Fulcher has earned our respect and support, long before he entered the senate. Fulcher has championed Biblical principles as the foundation for good public policy – particularly in the area of protecting God’s gift of life.

He is being challenged by a wealthy, largely unknown candidate, Steve Ricks. Mr. Ricks is a retired lawyer who may be pro-Life. The problem is that we have no idea where he stands on any of the crucial issues facing Idaho, since he has refused to answer our candidate questionnaire.

By contrast, Russ Fulcher has been there for many years, helping to carry the load. This past session, he pressed hard to regain a strong parental consent law – and will, no doubt, help us get the job done next session.

We urge pro-Lifers in District 21 to return Russ Fulcher to the Senate. He shares our commitment to defending preborn children; his skills and intelligence make Russ a very effective legislator.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Phil Hart Deserves Reelection

Wayne Meyer is again running for the Legislature up in Coeur d’Alene. If he wasn’t so dangerous to preborn children – it would just be plain boring. This is the third time he’s challenged Rep. Phil Hart, and we’re praying he loses again.

Meyer served for a time in the Legislature – and built a pure pro-abort record. He opposes Parental Consent for teenage abortions; voted against a Ban of Partial Birth Abortions. Meyer is so radical that he even voted to force taxpayers to pay for abortions on demand.

In the 2003 legislative session, Meyer cast the deciding vote to protect Planned Parenthood’s tax funding as a member of the Joint Finance & Appropriations Committee. Planned Parenthood is Idaho’s leading abortion provider.

By contrast, Phil Hart is a strong pro-Life champion. The preborn children of Idaho need Hart back in the Legislature. Not only does he appreciate the sanctity of human life- Hart respects the family. Parents will find in him a champion for their right to care for and protect their children.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Irene Gans for the House

One of Idaho’s crucial pro-Life races being waged is in Nampa. Pro-Life champion Irene Gans is challenging an entrenched incumbent – WW “Bill” Deal. He now serves as Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee – and is one of premier “insiders” at the Capitol.

Deal’s most outrageous vote came in 2001 – when he opposed our bill to end tax-funding of abortions. He said we lacked “compassion”. But what of the dead baby? Who weeps for him? And how is it “compassionate” to facilitate a woman’s abortion? Where will legislators like Bill Deal be when the woman finds herself alone with the guilt and remorse of motherhood discarded?

Bill Deal now hopes to be the next Speaker. His campaign finance report shows he’s the pick of the inside hacks, and big money is flowing. Part of the reason for the big power play among the lobby corps is Deal’s hostility to the agenda of social agenda; most of those folks believe that the Legislature’s only proper agenda is facilitating their clients and lobbyists’ wallets.

We urge Nampans in southeast Canyon County to support Irene Gans.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tom Luna for State Superintendent

With a week to go before Idaho’s Primary Election, it is time to talk about some of the more important races.

Idaho Chooses Life has endorsed Tom Luna in the State Superintendent’s race. He faces a primary challenge from Boise’s Steve Smylie, a member of the state teacher’s union.

Tom is a conservative Republican, and will introduce welcome changes into our public schools. This race is among the most important pro-Life race in next Tuesday’s election.

It is through the public schools that many of kids are introduced to Planned Parenthood, and educated in the ways of so-called “sexual liberation”. We need Tom Luna elected to help protect our kids from the moral corruption of Planned Parenthood.

His election will bring about a serious climate change within the State Department of Education, headed for some eight years by a liberal Democrat. Marilyn Howard’s pro-abortion politics were confirmed last fall when she keynoted an address to the Idaho Women’s Network on abortion.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Abortion Industry Pro-Abortion, Not Pro-Woman

As national pro-abortion groups come into Idaho to campaign for Sheila Sorensen in the Congressional race – it is important to fully grasp what these groups stand for.

Sorensen claims she is not “pro-abortion” – but, rather, “pro-choice”. This has been the mantra of the Abortion Industry since the ‘60s. But is that true?

A troubling situation in Michigan throws the light on their true agenda. Pro-abortion forces, led by the ACLU, oppose legislation to protect women and girls from forced abortions. The proposed law would simply require abortionists to ask a woman if she was being pressured by a third party into getting an abortion. If so, the abortionist would be required to inform the woman that such pressure is illegal.

Pro-choice? Or just pro-abortion and pro-profit?

Yet another example that the Abortion Industry is no friend to women. And politicians like Sorensen who continue to press “abortion rights” are selling other women down the river.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Virginia Case Demonstrates Our Insanity

A story out of Virginia demonstrates just how twisted the law has become, how much ground we’ve given – in order to accommodate legalized abortion on demand.

A mother shot her baby on the day she was to give birth, killing him in the womb. The paper reports that she “shot herself” – but that was only incidental to the crime. Local prosecuting attorneys were seeking to charge her with his death. But a judge just dismissed the charges.

Regardless of when or how – our current law stands fully behind a woman’s right to kill her own child until he or she manages to escape the womb.

You hear a story like this and shake your head; for a moment your heart aches. We want to condemn that woman – and rightfully so. But this story is a mirror into what America has become. We are apparently willing to tolerate such outrage as part of our “new and improved” civilization. The actual subject of this story is not the woman, but you and I.

We live with a base standard of conduct that our grandparents would have recognized as barbaric, well beneath the vision of humanity which once propelled this nation toward greatness.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gem State Voter Guide Now Available

In just twelve days, Idaho voters will again go to the polls to choose the men and women best qualified to represent them in the Idaho Legislature. We aim to help you with those momentous decisions.

I will be talking with you about specific endorsements in coming days.

But in the meantime, I invite you to visit a website we’ve worked on with the Idaho Values Alliance, Idahoans for Tax Reform and Education Excellence Idaho. It is full of candidate answers to a full list of the big issues: Where do they stand on taxes, education, abortion? This joint project is called Gem State Voter Guide. The web address is

It’s free and will help you learn about candidates.

This election is a crucial one for the pro-Life movement and our children. Please take a moment to check out where these candidates stand.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pro-Aborts in Senate Push for Research on Prenatal Humans

A battle rages within the United States Senate – that institutional defender of abortion rights – to gut the President’s policy on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The House has already passed the bill, and now pro-aborts in the Senate are pushing to get the bill passed and to the President.

Senators Craig and Crapo must hear from you. Urge them to vote against HR 810.

The legislation would open up the federal treasury to companies and universities engaged in killing prenatal children for their stem cells. Not only is such human research immoral – it is a colossal waste of our money. After hundreds of millions in private dollars, no effective treatments of any disease have been produced by embryonic stem cells.

By contrast, stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood and adults have already produced important treatments for many serious diseases.

Please take a moment to call Senators Craig and Crapo. You can reach them at 1-202-224-3121.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pregnancy Center Bill Splits ACLU

Believe it or not, pregnancy centers are under assault in Congress. The abortion industry is upset about the effectiveness of these operations in offering women an alternative to killing their babies. Congressman Carolyn Maloney of New York has sponsored a bill that would prohibit pregnancy centers from engaging in “false advertising”.

She has provided no example of false advertising, but would require that advertising by pregnancy centers be regulated by the Federal Trade Commission.

Fortunately, the legislation has caused a fairly serious rift within the ranks of the ACLU. While staff lawyers have determined that her bill is constitutional, some board members oppose the bill because it amounts to a serious interference with the First Amendment rights of these centers of mercy.

In a fascinating insight into the current politics within an organization still known as a defender of free speech – Vivian Berger, General Counsel of the ACLU, admitted to a New York paper that its traditional support of the First Amendment could be trumped by its deeper commitment to abortion rights.

Hopefully the bill will go nowhere. But we’ll keep you informed.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dean Issues Veiled Threat Against Churches

The liberal leader of the Democrat Party, Howard Dean, is on something of a secular jihad against the Christian community. Late last month Dean issued what amounts to a threat: the Christian community, especially those in our pulpits, had better be quiet about politics – or face a massive tax penalty.

Of course, we couldn’t disagree with Howard Dean more strongly. There has never been a greater need for Christian influence in our culture and politics. With the stakes for our children so large in this month’s Primary Election – Christians must take their duty to vote most seriously.

Dean’s threat of retribution is due to the obvious fact that active Christians are the greatest threat to his pro-abortion agenda.

Historically, outspoken Christian leaders were crucial advocates of liberty prior to the American Revolution; they played a pivotal role in awakening America to the evils of racism and they will be the key players in leading America out of the bondage of legalized abortion.

While Dean and other liberals mischaracterize Christianity as hostile to freedom and personal liberty – history demonstrates quite the opposite. The problem is that modern liberals confuse personal liberty and responsibility with license.

Let us resolve to defy Dr. Dean by sending responsible conservatives to Washington and Boise.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Congressional Candidates Should Have to Confront Judiciary’s Threat

One of the great – if largely ignored -- issues of this current battle for the congressional seat is how Congress is failing to check the judiciary. One candidate wants to sue farmers for hiring migrant labor; another hangs out with fancy liberals in New York. But who talks about tackling a judiciary which threatens our system of self-government?

Consider Judge George Greer in Florida. He recently blasted the legislature there for interfering with his power over Terri Schiavo’s life. In his view, only enlightened judges such as himself should dare exercise such life-and-death power.

LifeNews.Com reports that Greer gave a speech at a bioethics forum sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. He claimed state legislators are unable to make quality decisions about important issues surrounding medical treatment for the disabled or terminally ill.

So who should make public policy? Unelected judges with an unbelievable sense of their own superior? That, my friends, is a dangerous world. And but one example of an elite class running rough-shod over the principles of constitutional government.

Before this primary is over - let’s force these congressional candidates to talk with us about the growing crisis of our court system before we cast our votes.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Planned Parenthood Throws Party at New Killing Center

May 3, 2006
Planned Parenthood had a big party yesterday at its new abortuary in Boise. In a flier distributed through campuses and emails, Planned Parenthood invited all comers to join them in celebrating the 1st anniversary of its elegant new building on State Street.

They passed out bags of free condoms, and free “Morning After Pills” to all the party goers. There was a raffle to win free birth control pills for a year!

We can’t tell you whether they offered tours of their killing rooms – but we can assure you that there was a gala cake-cutting ceremony at noon.

It is difficult to imagine having a party to celebrate the birth of a new killing center in Idaho, but, then, we’re not them. I know the folks at Planned Parenthood will take great offense at the suggestion, but I can’t help but think of the Auschwitz commandant offering to bring the local citizens in for a tour.

We must pray for those running Planned Parenthood – and for those in the community who blindly support their mission of destruction.

Sheila Sorensen: Agent of Old Time Feminism

Nathan Tabor writes for a conservative blog called “The Conservative Voice”. In a recent column he asserts, “The Feminist Furor Has Finally Passed”. He optimistically reports that, “After years of holding America a virtual hostage, old fashioned radical feminism appears to be just about dead.”

As authority he cites liberal columnist Maureen Dowd. She writes in a recent book that, “It’s the season of prim, stay-in-the-background First Lady Laura Bush, not assertive two-for-the-price-of-one First Lady Hillary.”

Certainly we can hope. But there is ample evidence, even here in conservative Idaho, that feminism remains alive and virulent.

Witness the challenge being mounted by Sheila Sorensen for the 1st Congressional District. She is not merely hanging in there as a candidate – she is on a mission to reform the Idaho Republican Party. She wants it to embrace abortion; open it to the Homosexual Agenda, make it friendlier to unions. In short, Sorensen is a true believer on a mission.

As long as there are Sheila Sorensens out there – feminism remains a serious threat to our families.

Planned Parenthood Throws Party at New Killing Center

Planned Parenthood had a big party yesterday at its new abortuary in Boise. In a flier distributed through campuses and emails, Planned Parenthood invited all comers to join them in celebrating the 1st anniversary of its elegant new building on State Street.

They passed out bags of free condoms, and free “Morning After Pills” to all the party goers. There was a raffle to win free birth control pills for a year!

We can’t tell you whether they offered tours of their killing rooms – but we can assure you that there was a gala cake-cutting ceremony at noon.

It is difficult to imagine having a party to celebrate the birth of a new killing center in Idaho, but, then, we’re not them. I know the folks at Planned Parenthood will take great offense at the suggestion, but I can’t help but think of the Auschwitz commandant offering to bring the local citizens in for a tour.

We must pray for those running Planned Parenthood – and for those in the community who blindly support their mission of destruction.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Local GOPers Reject Party Platform

Without a doubt, the Idaho Republican Party is quite a mess – at least with respect to its politics and principles. I have a report from the Ada County Central Committee meeting last week which should disturb the faithful.

A resolution was presented at the meeting of local party leaders, calling on all Republican candidates in this month’s primary election to sign a form pledging support for the tenets of the Idaho Republican Party. Quite a firestorm broke out – and that small act of integrity was voted down by the party officials. The many liberals in the room argued that the resolution would restrict party access and embarrass some officials.

Unbelievable. So be warned: You simply cannot assume that Republican candidates agree with the Party Platform. Nor can you assume that local party activists are any less ambitious than the politicians using the Republican label to advance their self interests.

Such antics help explain why Idaho taxes are rising so quickly; why it was so difficult to pass the Marriage Protection Amendment, and why the pro-Life agenda moves so slowly forward. Party activists play a crucial role in the “Big Cover-Up”.

We will have more to say about specific candidates in upcoming updates.

AAPS Article in Our Most Recent Newsletter

The “race for your purse” is on again this month in Boise. The Susan G. Komen Foundation will host its annual fundraising gig to “find a cure” for breast cancer. It comes just as the debate over the linkage between abortion and breast cancer has been intensifying.

Here’s a quote: “Interruption during the first trimester of a first pregnancy causes a cessation of cell differentiation, which may result in an increase risk of [breast cancer]”.

Now who said that? Planned Parenthood Federation of America in a 1994 report.

Pretty strange that Planned Parenthood officials now dismiss abortion as nothing more significant than a root canal.

If you’d like to learn more about the risks of abortion, we have a guest opinion in our current newsletter. Dr. Janet Orient of the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons writes about the connection to breast cancer and other risks. She argues that physicians have a profound moral and legal duty to fully inform women about the range of risks associated with abortion.

To get your copy of the newsletter, send us an email: