Friday, April 28, 2006

Planned Parenthood Lives in Denial

April 28, 2006

Planned Parenthood was disrobed in the Idaho Statesman this week. No doubt that was not the reporter’s intention. But we gain a powerful insight into the care with which Planned Parenthood treats women.

But in a piece discussing the modest amendments made to Idaho’s Informed Consent Law this past session – the Statesman became the first paper to confirm that Planned Parenthood is now doing abortions in its Boise office.

But there’s more: Planned Parenthood’s Rebecca Poedy dismissed all the talk about abortion risks – and declared that abortion was as safe as getting a root canal. Really? This supposed “woman’s rights” group lives in denial. What about medical journal articles about increased risk of premature births? Or breast cancer? Or the New Zealand study on greater rates of depression among girls aborting their babies?

Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

It is such cavalier attitudes among America’s abortion providers that require state governments to intervene on behalf of women and girls considering abortion.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

American Life League Calls on All Pro-Lifers to Help in South Dakota

There is a crucial footnote to yesterday’s story about Colorado being the first state to liberalize its abortion laws – back in 1967.

Colorado Right to Life bemoans their state’s role in leading the nation toward industrialized destruction of our children. They also commend the effort in South Dakota to defend an abortion ban, passed by the Legislature this winter. (South Dakota has a referendum process).

That is in contrast to their national office. Some pro-Lifers believe that it is simply not the right time to launch a frontal assault on Roe. They urge patience. But that reasoning fails to take into account the fact that we don’t yet know how the Abortion Regime will fall. No one does. Based on yesterday’s review of abortion history – it is more than arguable that Colorado, California, New York and Hawaii led the Supreme Court into protecting abortion. Thus, it may be that a state will play a crucial role in leading us back out of the dark tunnel.

Leslie Hanks, Vice President of Colorado Right to Life, rightly said that South Dakota citizens should be very proud of their elected officials.

We need to help. The American Life League is calling on all pro-Lifers to donate time and money to help beat Planned Parenthood’s attempt at repealing the law. Please visit their website at

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Republican Pioneers of Abortion Rights

He looks like a very respectable member of the Chamber of Commerce: A Republican Governor who then occupied a minor office in the Nixon Administration. But John Love’s most noteworthy contribution to American history is a dark act for which he has received little opprobrium.

Yesterday marked the dark anniversary of his contribution. Colorado became the first state in the Union to liberalize its abortion laws. Republican Governor John Love signed a bill allowing abortions when the health of the mother or baby was threatened, or when pregnancy was the result of rape or incest.

California followed suit just a couple months later, when Governor Ronald Reagan signs into law a measure removing most restrictions on abortion – and opening his state to out-of-state women.

That was 1967 – almost 3 years before New York became a mecca for abortion-on-demand, and 6 years before the Supreme Court’s Roe ruling.

And isn’t it strange that all three of these “abortion rights’ pioneers” were Republican?

Only Ronald Reagan, to the best of our knowledge, repented of his action.

One could probably build a case that Democrats are relative late-comers to the Abortion Rights movement. (After all, it was George Bush, Sr. and Richard Nixon who pioneered the nation’s experiment in population control through Planned Parenthood funding). Perhaps blue-collar Democrats found it necessary to get in front of the political wave fronted by Republicans as the “Women’s Movement” gained credibility and energy.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Will Idaho’s Next Speaker be “Pro-Choice”?

May 23rd – Primary Election Day – is coming around the corner like a train. And the consequences for our future will be profound. As we mentioned before, there are some 30 legislative contests raging across the state; 21 in the House.

Those House races in particular are of immense importance to the pro-Life movement. Most of those elected at the Primary will choose the next Speaker of the House. It is the most important single vote they will cast. There are two announced candidates – one who has a strong pro-Life record, Lawerence Denney of Midvale. In fact, we gave him our Friend for Life Award a few years ago. He is challenged by Bill Deal – who has a ‘D’ grade on pro-Life issues. Deal even fought to keep paying for abortions with your tax dollar in the 2001 session.

We don’t get to vote for the Speaker. So it is crucial for you to ask your local Republican House candidates whether they intend to support the pro-Life Denney, or help elect Idaho’s first openly pro-choice Speaker.

Professor Issues Belated Apology

We talked last week about the University of Kentucky professor who led students in an attack on a pro-Life display of white crosses. The crosses were placed by a pro-Life student group who made prior arrangements with the Administration.

Dr. Sally Jacobson defended her actions after she was caught on a videotape breaking the wood crosses along with some of her students. She claimed the First Amendment gave her the right to do so.

A small firestorm broke loose. The Administration suspended her, saying her actions challenged the concepts of academic freedom.

Dr. Jacobson has now issued an apology and announced she will retire from the faculty at the end of the school year.

The President of the University, James Votruba, issued a statement saying he appreciated the public apology – but that the infringement of free speech and Jacobson’s disregard for the exchange of ideas simply couldn’t be tolerated on a college campus.

It is refreshing to see a member of academia defending the traditional concepts underlying both the First Amendment and academic freedom.

LifeNews.Com reports that local police are investigating the vandalism.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Michigan Republicans Back Life Measure While RTL Opposes

Very curious doings in Michigan: A petition drive is underway to put a measure on the fall ballot which would prohibit all abortions except those to save a mother’s life, a very rare situation. That measure has just been unanimously endorsed by the Michigan Republican Party. One of the key backers of the initiative, Cal Zastrow, commended the GOP – saying they were being faithful to the Party Platform.

No doubt that is a major boost. What makes this all so curious is the fact that Michigan Right to Life is actively opposing the effort – on the theory that the timing for such a ban is “bad”.

In response, Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, with whom we are affiliated, has written the President of Michigan Right to Life, asking for a meeting. In the letter, Mrs. Brown calls their opposition “very sad”. Indeed. Mrs. Brown goes on to say to that it is her fervent hope that ALL and RTL can come to agreement on the petition effort.

Let us pray for the success of that meeting.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Liberals Rewrite First Amendment

A rather curious event took place at Northern Kentucky University last week. A professor of literature there, Dr. Sally Jacobsen, led students into destroying a pro-Life display on campus. She called the display of white crosses, “silly” according to LifeNews.Com. And then she went on to defend her actions as a matter of her first amendment rights. More specifically, she called the display a “slap in the face” to post-abortive women.

That, of course, justifies everything: Suppression of free speech by pro-Lifers, vandalism of private property and violation of the university’s commitment to free inquiry.

This incident has connection to the emotional blackmail by House Democrats a couple weeks ago, when Rep. Bill Sali attempted to discuss the mountain of research linking breast cancer to abortion. Democrats stopped debate by claiming they were “upset” and walking out.

It is clear liberals have rewritten the 1st Amendment: When they are emotionally upset, or offended, they have the “right” to prevent others from speaking. This is the kind of thinking behind national efforts to criminalize certain kinds of political speech. And it is another example of the strong fascist impulses at work on the Left.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Planned Parenthood Fights to Keep Illegal Money

Planned Parenthood is under assault in Missouri. The Legislature passed a law several years ago shutting down state money to any entity that performed abortions. But Planned Parenthood, addicted to the tax drug, managed to get its hands on public funding anyway.

Its partner in this scam of Missouri taxpayers was the state Department of Health and Senior Services – which apparently gave Planned Parenthood a grant in defiance of the new law.

It fell to a private citizen, Daniel Shipley, to file suit to get the money back. The people won: A circuit judge ordered Planned Parenthood to repay $668,850 – plus 9% annual interest. The total comes to something like $900,000. Even for an organization of such immense wealth – this has got to hurt.

Planned Parenthood has appealed to the State Supreme Court – which heard arguments last week. Part of its argument was that a private citizen didn’t have the right to sue, at least with respect to recovering the money.

We’ll keep you informed.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jeb Bush Continues to Champion Life

The fatal fall-out from Terri Schiavo’s slow execution almost a year ago continues.

Governor Jeb Bush has been working to get legislation passed that would protect Floridians from suffering Terri’s fate. He wants to see a law passed that requires doctors to assume patients want water and food – unless they have put a desire to die into writing before being incapacitated. It doesn’t appear that his proposal will move in this year’s legislative session.

Thus, courts and doctors in that state will continue to be in a position to divine a patient’s intentions around dying in the face of a chronic illness. That is a very dangerous situation – since a utilitarian ethic seems to be dominant among our professional class. No longer do we find a presumption in favor of life; or a fundamental respect for the dignity and mystery of the human being created in God’s image. It is more likely that money or convenience of family members will be determinative when a sick person cannot speak for themselves.

Legislators in Florida seem to be stinging from the after-effect of Terri’s death. Pro-death forces have continued to rework history and public opinion – while pro-Life groups have moved on to other issues, I guess.

It appears that America has not learned essential lessons from Terri’s painful destruction.

Fathers’ Grief Over Abortion

One of the greatest feats of the Feminist Movement has been to turn abortion into a “woman’s issue”. Biologically, emotionally, spiritually – that is just bunk, of course. But lies repeated often enough have a funny way of becoming touchstones of a culture.

So we live in a time when abortion can be shielded by the righteous indignation of oppressed women, even though the majority of public support for abortion license comes from men in their twenty and thirties.

Kenny Rogers has just released a new album, entitled Water and Bridges. In it, he sings a song about a father’s regret over aborting his son.

One line sounds, “If a father could hold his son, I could undo what’s been done, but I guess everyone is living with water and bridges.”

Rogers goes on to sing, “I was so young, so was she. Life didn’t stay a mystery for very long. We could do no wrong. Then she called, said she was late. So we took a little drive upstate an’ took care of that. Yeah, just took care of that.

“But now I’m longin’ back at some of my decisions…it’s much too late to change.”

I am one of those millions of fathers who grieve for the destruction of our children at the abortion mill. We must claim our children and grieve for them.

Big Challenges in Primary Election

Now that the disappointing 2006 legislative session has whimpered to a close, attention immediately turns to the fast-approaching Primary Election. It is May 23rd, less than 6 weeks from now.

And the challenge for the pro-Life movement is great. There are 29 legislative primaries building steam. Twenty House seats are being contested, with primaries underway for eight Senate seats. (That seems like an historically high figure). The victors, especially in the House races, will determine the next Speaker. That will have a decisive impact on whether we can get the ball rolling again for preborn babies and their families.

We’re also looking at crucial primaries for Congress and state schools chief.

The pro-Life community must get involved. We have the ability and opportunity to play decisive roles in building Idaho’s future. Such opportunities will not soon come around again.

You may also be interested to learn that there are only 2 contested races out of some 39 district court judgeships on the ballot. This is a powerful testament to the stability of Idaho’s judiciary – and a devastating rebuttal to those in the legal and political community who would strip Idaho voters of our ability to cast ballots for our judges. The simple and obvious truth is that the vast majority of judges are rarely, if ever, challenged.

South Korea Government Now Seeks Children

Oops. On our way to making money, gaining political power, seeking fulfillment of self – we forgot to make children to take our place in the national economy once we’re old.

That’s the upshot of South Korea’s new policy. After 40 years of discouraging people from having children – the government realizes it has a serious under-population problem. After slaughtering millions of innocents through legalized abortion – South Korea has awakened to the fact that it now has the world’s fastest aging population.

According to LifeNews.Com, South Korea regularly received some 1 million new children each year until abortion was legalized in 1973; the number of births last year was just 476,000.

It will spend some $20 billion to treat infertility and pay health care costs for families willing to have more than two children.

We could ridicule these gross policy mistakes – but America has long been on a similar path. Like most western nations, America is seeing a declining homogenous birthrate. That is already having an impact on our political, cultural and economic life.

So while we should study the South Korea situation for a look into our future – I think its important to deeply consider the philosophy underlying the South Korea government’s actions – both now and earlier.

One remembers watching newsreels about the Nazi era. Hitler and his co-conspirators encouraged the building of an Aryan Race. Children became a mere part of the State’s five and ten year plan for building economic and military power.

So, while we take note of the fact that South Korea has apparently loosened its hostility to new babies – there is nothing in the story to suggest that the country has found repentance. It is not considering restrictions on abortion, it is not searching for a new value system – which places human life in a privileged category. Rather, it appears to be the same bureaucrats merely adjusting their formulas to correct for previous production errors.

If that be so, then it is nearly foregone that South Korea will continue to suffer from a prideful disregard for God’s order.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Women Deserve to Know

There have been other strange events surrounding consideration of SB1482, which offer amendments to Idaho’s Informed Consent law. The House passed the bill overwhelmingly Monday, but not before great melodrama about the threat of breast cancer and abortion.

If possible, things continue to get even stranger.

Julie Lynde of the Cornerstone Institute has been distancing herself from Rep. Bill Sali’s call to give women information about the risk of breast cancer before they commit abortion. Lynde told reporters she doesn’t believe scientific research backs the link.

That happened last year as well, after Rep. Ann Rydalch introduced HB196. That bill specifically required the State of Idaho to ensure that women were made aware of the massive body of research regarding the linkage between abortion and breast cancer.

Concerned Women for America has a summary of that scientific research on its website:

· 29 of 38 epidemiological studies found increased breast cancer risk

· 13 of 15 American studies found increased risk

· One study, by Dr. Janet Dahling of Seattle, found that teenage girls are 800% more likely to get breast cancer after a first-pregnancy abortion.

Cornerstone’s own website talks about some of those very studies.

Every credible pro-Life group I know of has been fighting for years to arm women and girls with this essential knowledge, and Sali should be lauded for standing up. After all, the pro-Life movement should be as concerned about women as we are preborn children.

That battle is made more difficult by the intimate political connections between pro-abort groups like Planned Parenthood and much of the medical establishment. There is the further complication of raw greed: Breast Cancer has become a very profitable industry. There is plenty of “green reason” for various organizations to lead a propaganda effort against research proving a link.

No doubt the abortion industry draws great succor from Mrs. Lynde’s public comments.

Pro-Abort Antics in the House

The House “debate” over the Informed Consent bill has been, to say the least, pretty bizarre. On Friday morning, Democrats protested that they were “upset” by the suggestion that research exists out here showing a causal link between abortion and breast cancer; some were even offended. According to the Statesman report – a couple of pro-abort Democrats actually needed hankies.

These theatrics – encouraged by the sympathetic leadership of Speaker Bruce Newcomb – brought the whole House to a standstill. Rather than demand that Democrats get back to work and discuss these issues rationally, Newcomb launched his own name-calling tirade against Rep. Bill Sali. Beyond proving that these folks simply need to go home – the juvenile antics demonstrate the strange emotions which surface during abortion debates.

Adding to the bizarre nature of last week’s antics is the simple fact that SB 1482 is an extremely modest change to current law. It will most certainly not require that women and girls get information about breast cancer or most other risks associated with abortion, for that matter. It may improve the distribution system of state materials to abortion-minded women – but even that remains to be seen.

In point of fact, it is difficult to call SB 1482 a “pro-Life” bill at all. That can be surmised by the fact that such hard-core abortion advocates as Mike Burkett, Joe Stegner and Bob Ring have voted to support the amendments.

Idaho’s women need and deserve better, and the job to provide them with thorough and reliable information about abortion is not yet finished.

Pro-Abort Violence Rising?

Apparently frustration is pretty high among the pro-abort crowd these days. A few weeks ago, a woman ran into a pro-Lifer with her car while folks protested the new Planned Parenthood office in Nampa. It’s my understanding that criminal charges have been filed in that matter.

Now we read that George Tiller – the infamous late term abortionist in Kansas – has run into a pro-Lifer protester there with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. After hitting the pro-Lifer, Tiller sped away. Let’s hope this doesn’t signal a new season of violence against pro-Lifers.

The incident comes as Tiller is facing calls for a grand jury investigation into Tiller’s role in the death of a woman after she underwent an abortion of her late-term baby. The woman was just 19 years old and it is believed she died from sepsis.

Strange enough, these incidents seem to get very little media attention; and you can be certain that if “pro-choicers” were being victimized by such violence – we would all be inundated with self-righteous speeches by talking heads.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Legal Fees as a Political Weapon

There’s more to be said about the matter of the legal fees awarded to Planned Parenthood as a result of their lawsuit against the families of Idaho, their challenge of Idaho’s Parental Consent Law.

No doubt about it: $380 grand is a lot of money. And it is painful, very painful, to know that this money will be used by these people to finance their next attack on Idaho’s families and preborn children.

But there are some in the Statehouse and media using those fees as an excuse to do nothing; to allow Planned Parenthood free access to our children. That is simply unacceptable. There are even some happily using the fees as a weapon against the pro-Life movement and champions like Bill Sali.

To those people, I offer this challenge: How much is a baby’s life worth? And how much should we spend to protect a vulnerable 13-year old girl from predators like Planned Parenthood?

During the four-plus years that our children were protected by a model Parental Consent Law, teenage abortions dropped. That means hundreds of babies are alive today in someone’s living room. And that means hundreds of young women without the dark burden of an abortion history. How do you put a price tag on that?

There’s been loose talk about Sali’s leadership on this issue over the past decade – mostly from people who haven’t lifted a finger to help. Now that Sali is a congressional candidate, it seems any cheap shot from the peanut gallery is fair. But the truth is, a lot of people put a lot of hard work into developing Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. We sought advice from nationally-prominent pro-Life attorneys, from several deputies in the Attorney General’s office over two administrations; and from the Governor’s own Legal Counsel – no legal slouch in his own right.

And the simple truth is this: We have federal judges here and in San Francisco who are hostile to the values of Idaho families. They believe that the United States Constitution empowers them to thwart the will of the people. And they further believe that this hallowed document makes it a crime to protect teenage girls from criminal predators or to ensure that their parents know when they have undergone emergency abortions.

How do you reason with such radicalism from the federal bench?

The truth is, you can’t. So we may have to sacrifice those girls in the hope of protecting the majority – but let’s tell the truth about where the real problem lay: The problem with Idaho’s Parental Consent Law is not Bill Sali or the pro-Life movement, but with federal judges who are apparently free to pervert the Constitution to suit their personal feelings.

That problem can only be solved by a Congress willing to do its duty to check judicial abuse.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Planned Parenthood’s Gold Heist

Planned Parenthood’s gold heist broke in news the other day. Federal Judge Williams awarded the abortionists a hefty $380,000 in legal fees as a reward for its lawsuit against the parents of Idaho. Like salt in the open wound, we have to pay them for depriving our daughters of a Parental Consent law.

Making matters worse is bad reporting by folks like Rebecca Boone of the AP.

She misleads taxpayers into believing the problem with our current parental consent law is that it would turn girls into criminals – when, in fact, we’ve been working to protect our daughters from criminals who commit incest or rape against them.

Ms. Boone condemns the work we have done this session to restore Parental Consent by writing:

“[Deputy Attorney General Jeremy] Chou also said Sali’s new proposal may have the same problems as previous laws: It requires a report to law enforcement if a minor seeking a consent waiver has engaged in criminal activity.

“In Idaho, it is illegal for all minors to engage in sexual activity, whether it is consensual or not. That, state attorneys said, would create a chilling effect on a minor’s decision to have an abortion.” [Idaho Statesman, April 4, 2004]

That is a gross, if somewhat subtle, misrepresentation of the language in SB 1483, now pending before the Idaho Legislature. In fact, the bill states:

“Parental consent or judicial authorization is not required if the minor certifies that the pregnancy resulted from [forcible] rape … or sexual conduct with the minor by the minor’s parent, stepparent, uncle, grandparent, sibling, adoptive parent, legal guardian or foster parent. The physician performing the abortion shall report the sexual conduct with the minor to the proper law enforcement officials….”

In other words, the doctor who learns that the girl has been victimized is required to protect her. That notion already exists in other parts of Idaho Code, and applies to doctors, teachers, counselors, and others. What makes this provision unique is that it helps relieve the burden on the girl of either going to a parent or even to court. But it reinforces the abortionist’s obligation to take steps to protect the girl from further abuse.

Ms. Boone also fails to inform her readers that this language comes directly from Arizona’s Parental Consent statute – already upheld by the liberals at the 9th Circuit.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Planned Parenthood Masters Kid-to-Kid Marketing

Life Dynamics reports that Planned Parenthood in San Francisco is using new gimmicks to lure children into their offices. Fliers are going around area schools, offering free movie tickets and a new i-Pod for kids who tell their friends about Planned Parenthood – but only if those friends actually go in to Planned Parenthood for an appointment.

Condoms, abortions, pamphlets on alternative sexual practices – those are the goods on sale at Planned Parenthood. Is it not creepy that kids are being used to troll for other kids?

These tactics are of particular concern for Idaho families given the new Planned Parenthood clinics near high schools in Nampa and Twin Falls. How long will it be before these marketing scams are imported into Idaho?

Parents ought to be duly alarmed about manipulating naïve kids into becoming marketing agents for Planned Parenthood; we have all experienced the power of peer pressure, and the wizards at Planned Parenthood are expanding their efforts to harness it to entrap the innocent.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ALL Finds Abortuaries on Sioux Land Part of Larger Strategy

Yesterday’s strange story about a Sioux Indian chieftess offering Planned Parenthood sanctuary on reservation land to perform abortions has a follow-up. Apparently this development is part of a larger plan by the Abortion Industry to continue doing abortions – even if the Supreme Court outlaws the practice.

The American Life League reports that Planned Parenthood and others have been preparing for the day when the Roe era comes crashing down. A special meeting of some 15 western state Planned Parenthood directors was held in April of 2004 to develop strategies for delivering abortion after Roe. They see reservations and ships offshore as killing grounds; they are also planning facilities just across the Canadian border.

This report provides further evidence of Planned Parenthood’s radicalism in the pursuit of its self-righteous belief that women have the right to kill their own children – and a hint as to the lengths to which they will go if confronted with a banishment of legal abortion from the land.

Make no mistake: The Abortion Industry will not go away without an historic and bloody battle.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Planned Parenthood Calls Friends to Nampa

Tomorrow promises to be a rather tense day in downtown Nampa. Planned Parenthood is working hard to bring out abortion cheerleaders to support their new operation across from the Nampa High School. It is the first part-time clinic under a program called “Planned Parenthood Without Walls”, designed to expand the hunting grounds of this nefarious organization.

For now, it is open the first Saturday of each month. And the first two days saw a strong contingent of pro-Lifers from the community protesting.

I’ve seen an email from Planned Parenthood asking their supporters to come out and answer the pro-Life community. Planned Parenthood staff will provide signs and pro-Planned Parenthood regalia. Maybe they’ll use those “I Had an Abortion” t-Shirts.

Anyway – please pray for our Pro-Life friends. Pray that the counter-demonstration is peaceful, and that the hearts of Planned Parenthood partisans are touched by Lord’s grace.

Thanks for listening. This news update is brought to you by Idaho Chooses Life.

Idaho Liberals Poke Fun at Sorensen

The fall-out continues for Sheila Sorensen following her big pro-abort gala in New York City earlier this month. The pseudo-Republican has drawn barbs from even Idaho Democrats for her courting of such Democrat notables as John Kerry and Al Gore’s daughter at a pro-abort fundraising dinner sponsored by the Women’s Campaign Fund.

The liberal blog,, pokes fun at Sheila’s party with the likes of Al Franken.

Sorensen’s decision to seek money from this group has to rank as one of the worst political mistakes ever made by a congressional candidate in Idaho. It is worth your time to read the attack for yourself. Visit our website, for a link to the blistering commentary. Her attendance at this kind of event raises huge questions about why she is endorsed by the likes of Congressman Mike Simpson and Speaker Bruce Newcomb.

Here is the link to the fascinating story:

Pro-Abort Sioux Chieftain Welcomes Planned Parenthood

There is fascinating news from South Dakota. A female Indian Chief from Pine Ridge has announced that she will open an abortion business on reservation land if the South Dakota abortion ban is upheld. Cecilia Fire Thunder has condemned the ban, and believes that a Planned Parenthood abortion mill on Indian land would be legal.

South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long disputes some of her contentions.

He believes that state law would apply on tribal lands – unless the abortion practitioner is a Native American. The criminal sanctions in South Dakota do not apply to women, only to abortionists. Thus, white women getting abortions on the Sioux Indian Reservation would not be subject to prosecution in any event.

Ms. Fire Thunder told reporters she may even donate the land in order to help Planned Parenthood establish the facility.

LifeNews.Com reports that only one abortion facility currently operates in South Dakota, a mill operated by Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls.