Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Abortion Bills Get “Dissed” By AG – Again

Two important bills are now awaiting hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

SB1482 would tighten Idaho’s Informed Consent Law. That is the law which requires abortionists to provide women with material on the risks of abortion – and places they can go to get help if they choose to give their babies life. Sometimes this legislation is called “Right to Know” because women looking at abortion have a right to know the facts before they commit the act.

The other bill is SB1483. This legislation restores Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. We must pass this bill in order to guarantee that girls have the protection of their parents when dealing with an abortion.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Attorney General’s office delivered its verdict: both bills still need work, more tweaks, some additional refinement. And it just so happens that these analyses, which raise issues heretofore not articulated by the Attorney General’s office, play well into the hands of those in the Legislature who have little interest in protecting girls, families or preborn children.

While we agree that it’s important to be careful in preparing for certain court challenges – it is equally vital that we do not allow fear of Planned Parenthood and their courts to drive us to inaction. Frankly it seems strange that we do not yet have a favorable opinion from the AG’s office, given our effort to enact legislation based upon Arizona – language already upheld by the nation’s most liberal court. They’ve had many weeks to study various drafts – and some six years of litigation history around parental consent issues. Yet questions continue to multiply.

It is well past time for strong legislative leadership.

We need you to call your state senators today at 1-800-626-0471. Ask them to make sure these bills get passed before the legislature ends. (In the Boise area, you can use the local number: 332-1000.

Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Planned Parenthood Announced It Will Finally Follow FDA

We mentioned last week that two more deaths have been attributed to RU-486, the Abortion Pill. What we didn’t get into was the fact that these women died after receiving the pills from Planned Parenthood. In fact, it is my understanding that virtually all the deaths of American women have been linked to Planned Parenthood.

One possible reason is that Planned Parenthood has refused to abide by the FDA’s directions. For years it has been telling women to use the 2nd drug vaginally – perhaps because it seems more convenient. But after eight deaths, the national offices of Planned Parenthood have announced that “effective immediately” it will start giving the 2nd drug orally.

One would like to think they might be motivated by concerns over women’s health; I suspect it has more to do with pending lawsuits. For those who think I am too cynical- I would point to the fact that Planned Parenthood and its various affiliates have consistently opposed the enactment of “Right to Know” statutes. These laws guarantee that women and girls receive solid information about the health risks of abortion.

The more you ponder that – the more peculiar it is. After all, isn’t the abortion thing all about “empowering women”? So why the paternalism?

In any event, let us pray that Planned Parenthood is held to account for its treatment of these women victimized by the lie of “safe and easy abortion”.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Self-Destruction of Liberalism

An article in USA Today helps explain the growing strength of the pro-Life movement: Folks who believe in abortion tend to kill their children; those who appreciate the sanctity of human life have kids.

Here are some numbers to ponder:

In liberal Seattle, there are nearly 45% more dogs than children. In Salt Lake City, there are 19% more kids than dogs. In Utah, 92 children are born each year for each 1000 women. But in left-wing Vermont, only 51 children are born for each 1000 women.

While some children born to pro-Life families will reject those values – most will not.

Over time, the fruit of abortion politics is self-inflicted extinction.

Polling and demographic data from Europe suggests the same phenomenon is happening over there. Liberals are less likely to be married, or to have kids; in fact, they are more likely to live alone or live in childless co-habitation arrangements.

The USA Today article argues that as a result of their self-centered politics, liberals’ influence on the next generation will be overwhelmed by those adults who now abide by a more traditional, conservative world view.

To get involved, give us a call, toll-free: 1-877-341-LIFE.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee is scheduled to give preliminary consideration to two pro-Life bills today.

The first strengthens Idaho’s Informed Consent Law – a law which requires all women and girls considering abortion to get information about the risks of abortion. Women are supposed to have a 24-hour waiting period to reconsider. And they are supposed to get phone numbers of public and private agencies able and willing to help them deal with an unexpected pregnancy. But current law is not working well.

The other bill would fix our Parental Consent Law, since the current law has been blocked by Clinton-appointed Judge Lynn Winmill.

We expect the bills to be considered in more detail next week. Calls to members of the Senate State Affairs Committee would be very helpful. Senators need to know you want them to fix Parental Consent before they end this legislative session. Use the toll-free number, 1-800-626-0471 and simply leave them a message.

Idaho’ daughters deserve protection.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mississippi Abortion Ban in Trouble

We mentioned that South Dakota was not alone in seeking a way to challenge Roe v. Wade. During the National Governor’s Conference, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour indicated he wanted to sign a law banning abortion in his state as well.

Such legislation has already passed the Mississippi House on a 94-25 vote. Reports are that the Senate in that state is even more pro-Life. But as of now – the legislation appears to be dead. This bizarre turn is all too characteristic of legislative battles around abortion.

The Senate leadership in Mississippi wants different language from the House. I suspect this is the result of back-door lobbying by some pro-Life groups, who do not want to see a frontal assault on Roe, claiming the time for such a move is “not right”.

Meanwhile – calls to Idaho legislators are still needed to spring loose our Parental Consent bill. You can reach your state senator and two representatives by calling 1-800-626-0471. There is still time in this legislative session to restore protections for Idaho daughters.

Let us resolve that they will not be sacrificed in the all-too-frequent legislative machinations, whereby many politicians can claim to be “pro-Life” without being required by their constituents to deliver the goods.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CWA Reports Two More Women Die from RU-486

Two more American women have died as a result of complications from using RU-486. Concerned Women of America has renewed its call for the FDA to pull drug immediately.

“The FDA has pulled other drugs that have caused fewer deaths,” said Wendy Wright in a news release. “Why the double standard for an abortion drug…?” CWA cited other FDA data showing that, on average, only 10% of problems suffered by patients even get reported.

A 2005 article in the New England Journal of Medicine found that women using RU-486 are ten times more likely to die than women who get surgical abortions.

Legislation is pending in Congress to suspend sales of RU-486 until the FDA completes a thorough safety review. Calls to Idaho’s delegation to support the “RU-486 Suspension and Review Act” are needed. It is sponsored by Maryland Republican Roscoe Bartlett.

CWA was joined by a spokeswoman for the pro-Life office of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Deirdre McQuade expressed deep regrets for the other deaths of women around the world as a result of RU-486. Fatalities have been reported from Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Risch Will Be a Good Governor

The political news at the capitol is momentous and will be reverberating for some time. Governor Kempthorne’s appointment as the new Secretary of Interior is an important development in itself for the people of Idaho.

Lt. Governor Jim Risch will soon be Governor Risch. He is probably the most experienced person to ever hold that position. And that long record includes an admirable and unblemished list of contributions to the pro-Life movement. For decades he led the fight on the Senate floor for every pro-Life bill considered by the Legislature, including the fight to Ban on Partial Birth Abortions.

I shared his disappointment as he announced he would not seek the governorship for a full term.

As a full-term governor, I have no doubt that he would have provided invaluable leadership on a range of issues – including protection of preborn children and women from the plague of abortion. But I suspect we will see some of that moral leadership come to bear even in the months he will serve as Idaho’s 31st Governor.

It is a rather strange future facing Risch – running for Lt. Governor while serving as Governor. And he will have a real campaign to run this fall, as former Democrat Congressman Larry LaRocco has announced he will challenge Risch for Lt. Governor. It is a race he should win.

On the up side, Risch’s decision to run for re-election means that we will continue to benefit from his experience and moral leadership in state government for years to come. That is a good thing.

Our congratulations to Governor Kempthorne on the high honor he has received from the President. Our prayers go with him and his family. And may the Lord bless the Risch Administration.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Abortion Rights Group Seeks to Put SD Measure on Ballot

Abortion politics in South Dakota is getting hotter. We talked last week about the possibility that Planned Parenthood might use a referendum strategy to defeat the abortion ban – rather than going to court. It is an interesting strategy – especially since they could still go to federal court if they lose at the ballot.

But now, another pro-abort group has trumped their options. An outfit called “The Basic Abortion Rights Network” out of Wisconsin has filed a petition to refer the ban to the ballot. And Planned Parenthood is apparently not happy, fearing that the out-of-state group will fail to get 17,000 signatures by June 19. Very interesting.

Kate Looby, Director of South Dakota Planned Parenthood, told media that knew nothing about the “Basic Abortion Rights Network” or its plans to run a campaign against the ban.

Pro-Life leader Leslee Unruh predicts that if the referendum succeeds – a majority of South Dakota residents will stand up for God’s little ones. LifeNews.Com reports her as saying, “This out-of-state effort to refer this new law, designed to protect women and children, will launch a public debate that will expose the deception of abortion-rights supporters concerning women’s rights, women’s health and their own pro-abortion interests.”

Let us be in prayer for the people of South Dakota.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Ministry Marks Its 10th Anniversary

Idaho Chooses Life marked its 10th Anniversary last night in Boise with a reception for pro-Life legislators. There was a crowd of great folks there and it was good to recount the battles waged over those years – the Ban on Tax Funded Abortions; the fight to end tax-support for Planned Parenthood, and Noah’s Law. There have been many frustrations and some real victories. It was a moment to take stock of the many times the Lord has carried us through tough times. More than once in those years He has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

That history gives us strength in our current battle to regain an effective Parental Consent Law for Idaho’s daughters. Many in the Legislature are hoping they can simply run down the clock, using denial as a kind of political strategy – while girls continue to be destroyed by the Abortion Industry.

Personally, I pray for the year when we can close our doors because preborn children have been welcomed back into the human family.

We also announced our endorsement of Bill Sali for Congress. That decision was based upon many years of working with Sali, shoulder to shoulder in the Legislature on crucial issues like Parental Consent. We’ll talk more about his record next week.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Planned Parenthood Considers Ballot to Beat Abortion Ban

Without doubt, the most momentous pro-Life event this year is out of South Dakota. The passage of a law directly challenging Roe v. Wade has sparked a prairie fire across the nation; or perhaps we can better appreciate it as a flare up of that fire. Millions of pro-Lifers have reached the point of frustration with the simple “chipping-away” strategy employed by the pro-Life establishment for three decades. That strategy has, for certain, saved many lives. But the vast abortion apparatus remains in place.

I believe Planned Parenthood appreciates the fact that a grassroots revolt is spreading across Middle America. In response, they are apparently considering a referendum campaign in South Dakota, rather than a quick legal challenge of the abortion ban in our liberal courts. And if they pull it off, getting a majority of South Dakota voters to reject the abortion ban would be a great way to pour water on the fire.

If the Abortion Lobby pursues that electoral strategy, it will be incumbent upon the entire pro-Life movement to help defend God’s little ones in South Dakota. We’ll keep you abreast.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Tragic Failure of Leadership

Today’s pro-Life headline is the continuing failure of the Idaho Legislature to address critical pro-Life issues. Some in leadership positions have apparently decided to simply run out the clock on the pro-Life movement.

Thus, no bill to fix to Parental Consent has yet been considered. Without quick action, girls and families will continue for at least another year without protection. I spoke this past weekend with a grieving mother who found out her 13-year old daughter has just had an abortion. Planned Parenthood officials told her they could not discuss the situation – or the fact that they have been giving this child birth control pills for some time.

The tragedy is that fixing Parental Consent would take all of about 4 hours. And it will save hundreds of babies. Is it really possible that these politicians in Boise are so busy that they cannot give just four hours to uphold parental authority for hundreds of Idaho families in the next year alone?

Call your legislator today. You can use the local number at 332-1000. Or the toll-free number, 1-800-626-0471.

The receptionists will be happy to tell you who is (hopefully) representing you in the Idaho Legislature. Simply call and leave a message: “Please fix our Parental Consent Law before you leave Boise”.

In addition, and most importantly, we ask for your prayers. These human tragedies can be averted by our state leaders. Pray they find the heart to use their power for the least powerful among us.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Fascist Impulse in the Abortion Movement

We mentioned last week the fascist impulse of the radical left in America when discussing the Abortion Lobby’s pressure on Wal-Mart to tow the mark on providing the Morning After Pill in all their stores. That is just one example. The twenty year lawsuit against Joe Scheidler is another: They tried to bankrupt his pro-Life group, and his family, by claiming damages under the Racketeering Act. Fortunately, it appears that the Supreme Court has finally put an end to that particular nonsense.

Here is yet another: The Abortion Lobby in the United States is using international tribunals to force governments into legalizing abortion. The latest victim is Mexico – a heavily Catholic people. The Center for Reproductive Law & Policy filed a lawsuit against Mexico in something called the “Inter-American Commission on Human Rights”. This is part of a sophisticated operation to use international law as a means of gaining world-wide recognition of abortion as a “fundamental human right”.

In the Abortion Lobby’s opening gambit against Mexico – these American feminists demanded that Mexico legalize abortion in the case of rape. Under the threat of international sanction – the Mexican government has caved.

The feminists at the Center for Reproductive Rights are ecstatic. “This is the most important legal victory for women in Mexico in a decade,” said Luisa Cabal, Director. “It is the first time a Latin American government has acknowledged access to legal abortion is a human right.”

A related example of still more oppression from the Left: This same group is working in Europe to strip doctors and other medical professionals of the right to exercise their conscience. Refusing to abort babies because on moral grounds could soon get doctors sent to jail in some European nations.

The Abortion Lobby wants more than tolerance for legalized abortion; they want our minds and hearts as well, and will continue to press their agenda – by force, if necessary.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Dutch Official Calls for Forced Abortions

Here is a very creepy glimpse into our potential future:

A health official in the Netherlands has publicly called for laws allowing forced abortion, sterilization and contraception as part of an intensified campaign to eliminate unwanted children.

As if that were not bad enough, Marianne van den Anker is particularly interested in targeting two ethnic minorities in her nation – the Antilleans and the Arubans – because she believes they have the most serious problem with unwanted children. Ms. Van den Anker is a mother of two children and the official in charge of Rotterdam’s health and security ministries. In an interview with a Dutch paper, she also contended that her approach was a viable strategy for reducing child abuse.

As a public official, she says, she has done everything she can think of to reduce child abuse and neglect; but “I fail, I fail,” she says.

To sweeten the pot, this woman argues that forced abortions in targeted communities would also help solve the growing problem of youth gangs.

Hopefully this kind of thinking shocks you. But what should really disturb you is not the rantings of some Dutch official. It is the fact that this kind of talk appears to be part of a larger resurgence of the eugenics movement. Much of the embryonic stem cell debate, human engineering, cloning and even legalized abortion have deep roots in a philosophy once dominant in America. Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger was among the most notorious apostles of human engineering to solve social problems.

Many important people in America – like the Rockefeller family – wholeheartedly embraced her philosophy as the key to a perfect society. Under pressure by such notables, many states actually adopted forced sterilization for targeted populations deemed unfit.

While van den Anker’s statements would repulse the vast majority of Americans, we are on the path, with our continued tolerance for legalized abortion, to a day when such talk will be delivered by credible American policy makers.

Friday, March 10, 2006

NY Times Plays Loose With the Truth

As you know, we are battling at the Idaho Legislature to ensure that our Parental Consent Law is restored, that protections for Idaho daughters are put back in place – actions necessary because of far-fetched rulings by federal judges bent on imposing their social values on Idaho families.

As that struggle for Idaho families intensifies, a new controversy is brewing over a report in the New York Times about the impact of Parental Consent on abortion rates. The headline in this left-wing bugle reads, “Scant Drop Seen in Abortion Rate if Parents Are Told”. Well, now, that is pretty depressing.

Undoubtedly that is the intent behind the article – to discourage pro-Life groups from pressing forward to uphold parental authority and build safeguards for our children and grandchildren. According to the New York Times, parental notice laws had no discernable impact on abortion rates.

Well that is not the impact we saw in Idaho during the four years that our law was effective. In fact, we saw about a 30% drop in the teenage abortion rate.

LifeNews.Com cited a more comprehensive, and presumably less biased, study by Dr. Michael New this January. He analyzed abortion data for nearly every state from 1985 to 1999. On average, abortions in states with parental consent laws drop by about 10%.

That translates into thousands of children given the gift of life; and thousands of girls who do not have to carry the burden of an abortion history through the rest of their lives. Even for those girls who do abort – they will have help in carrying the burden. Part of the reality of teenage abortions performed behind the backs of parents is the immense burden which befalls immature minds and hearts.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wal-Mart Caves to Planned Parenthood Extortion

We have previously offered a praise report of Wal-Mart’s efforts to stand up against the Abortion Lobby. They were the only national pharmacy chain not selling the “Morning After Pill” – a supposed emergency contraception that sometimes causes abortion.

Planned Parenthood in particular has been waging an intense campaign in key states to force Wal-Mart into carrying the drugs. They have gained the support of powerful pro-abort politicians in New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Those states have already abused their police powers by forcing Wal-Mart to carry the drug. Those same states have also come down hard on pharmacists who refuse to violate their medical oath by giving a death-causing drug.

In their sordid campaign, Planned Parenthood has worked closely with allies in the labor movement to discredit and vilify Wal-Mart. The labor unions, of course, are interested in forcing Wal-Mart into unionizing its employees; Planned Parenthood is happy to take their money in order to wage war until Wal-Mart enters the abortion business.

I am sad to report that Wal-Mart has decided to reverse course and give-in to the extortion.

Last week, corporate officials announced they would being carrying the “Morning After Pill” in all their stores in the nation before the end of the month.

Wal-Mart complained they foresaw more states dragging them through expensive legal and administrative proceedings as Planned Parenthood flexed its considerable political muscle.

The company will attempt to retain some dignity by upholding its “conscience clause”, that allows pharmacists to adhere to their medical oath in refusing to dispense the drug.

This is certainly a sad turn of events for preborn children, and a sure sign of the growing fascist instincts of America’s radical left.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catholic Congressmen Try to Defend Abortion Records

A contingent of pro-abortion Catholics in the U.S. House of Representatives has caused quite a little uproar with its release of a statement outlining how they understand their duty as both legislator and Catholic. The statement came out late last month, and has been signed by 55 Catholic Democrats. They call it their “Catholic Statement of Principles”.

The list of signers includes the notorious Sanchez sisters from California, as well as Nancy Pelosi – the ultra-liberal Democrat leader of the Congressional Democrats.

Given those signatures, you can quickly realize why pro-Lifers are especially appalled by this part of their statement: “As legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives, we work every day to advance respect for life and the dignity of every human being. We believe that government has moral purpose.”

In the world of politics, language is merely raw material for weapons forged into whatever suits the moment. When pro-Life people (and genuine Catholics, for that matter) utter the words, “respect for life” – they mean respect for the sanctity of human life. And when they say, “dignity of every human being” – we mean every human being, including, obviously, those still in their mother’s womb. These folks, on the other hand, are simply stealing language from the pro-Life movement to cover their sins, and to compound those sins by misleading voters into thinking they respect the dignity of preborn children.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life condemned the statement as a “big mistake”. He went on to say that, “This statement tries to soften the contradiction between creating a just society and tolerating legal abortion.”

Democrats for Life – a group ostensibly committed to electing Democrats while maintaining a pro-Life position on abortion --- issued a press release defending the statement. They commended the 55 Catholic legislators for supporting Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive agenda for school children. Despite strong evidence that this kind of activity only increases abortion by stimulating premature sexual activity – these “Democrats for Life” continue to provide political cover for the abortion agenda driving the Democrat Party.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pro-Life Champions Rise Up Across the Nation

As we record this update, there is still no definitive word from South Dakota on the Abortion Ban passed by the state Legislature. But there are encouraging words 0 like a press statement by Governor Mike Rounds while he was in DC last week for the National Governor’s Conference. Rounds told media that he has had numerous private conversations with other governors. Some of them have expressed support for the strategy being pursued by South Dakota in the great struggle against abortion.

There were no names given, but one of them was certainly Haley Barbour of Mississippi. He told the Associated Press that he would be likely to sign a bill banning most abortions in his home state. And, in fact, legislation to that effect is moving forward. It has passed the state House of Representatives and will soon be taken up by the Senate.

Frankly, this is very exciting news. As I’ve said before—these first confrontations with Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court may well be turned back by the courts. But there is a march for justice that is building across Middle America. Millions of people have simply had a belly full of liberal judges imposing their will on the nation; and they are getting angry enough to do something about it.

For example, similar abortion bans are being proposed this winter in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

There is also a campaign going on in Michigan. Our dear friends there, organized as “Michigan Chooses Life” are pressing legislators to move on a South Dakota-type bill. And, failing that -- they are organizing to force the issue by going directly to the people.

These are hopeful signs for America and the Republic. At play here is not only a strong defense of the preborn child – but a revolt of sorts against the judicial oligarchy that has, for too long, imposed its will on a shamed and resentful nation.

May God bless these efforts.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Parental Consent Law Needs Legislative Attention

The Idaho Legislature is moving steadily toward adjournment, and will begin setting budgets soon – a sure sign that the end is just over that hill.

But there is one crucial issue that has yet to receive legislative attention. Idaho’s Parental Consent Law needs amending in order to answer the ruling issued by federal Judge Lynn Winmill last year. Since then, our daughters have been without protection from the abortion industry.

We need you to call your legislators today and tomorrow to insist that they fix Parental Consent before leaving. You can reach them at 1-800-626-0471.

In the four years that the law protected girls – abortions dropped by some 30%. The lives of babies and girls are at stake, which is why we need your immediate help.

The battle for Parental Consent in Idaho has been going on since 1997. There are some in the Legislature inclined to simply throw in the towel. But that would mean surrendering our children to Planned Parenthood’s agenda. And that is simply not acceptable.

Beyond the fact that this law upholds a crucial principle of parental authority, we must recognize the serious consequences for girls left to deal with a crisis pregnancy on their own.

We have already talked about the New Zealand research on girls and the dramatic impact abortion has on their lives. By using the actual medical records of hundreds of girls, this research team proved beyond dispute the high risk post-abortive girls run for depression, drug abuse and suicidal behavior. For example, 79% of girls who had had an abortion experienced serious problems with depression.

That is a lot of suffering that can easily lead girls into deeper trouble as they search for ways to cope.

Please call your legislator today.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Circuit Court Defends Ohio Legislature – Sort Of

We talked yesterday about Australia’s battle with RU-486. That battle rages closer to home.

The Ohio Legislature took action to protect the health of women and girls from the risks of RU-486. The law there prohibits physicians from using the drug regimen in any way not approved by the Food & Drug Administration. According to attorneys for the Liberty Counsel, doctors can use FDA-approved drugs any way they want for their patients – unless state regulations say otherwise.

Hence, the Ohio law prohibits physicians from prescribing the drug for abortions after seven weeks; and it required the drug be used orally. Some researchers believe that the misuse of RU-486 is the cause of eight deaths and over 850 injuries to women in the United States alone.

Planned Parenthood, that guardian of women’s interests, filed suit. It wants carte blanche to use sell the drug without government interference. And, naturally enough, they found a federal district judge to agree that Ohio’s safety regulations were “unconstitutional”.

But, don’t give in to complete despair over the state of our judiciary. An appeals panel has ordered the district court to revisit the issue, finding that not every abortion statute must contain a so-called “health” exception. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals also relied heavily on the new Supreme Court ruling in the New Hampshire case – which requires federal courts to stop the practice of automatically striking down state abortion laws if they find some relatively minor defect.

It is grinding progress – but progress nevertheless. This 6th Circuit ruling may eventually be helpful as Idaho wrestles with our own federal judges over Parental Consent.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Update on RU-486

March 2, 2006

Update on RU-486

There is a battle raging in Australia over the introduction of the Abortion Pill – RU-486. Their national legislature just stripped the Health Minister of his authority to block the drug from entering his nation. The debate comes just as the American Congress is engaged in an investigation of the serious health risks associated with using the drug.

In addition, the Food & Drug Administration has announced that it will convene a panel of national experts to investigate complications associated with RU-486. The investigation follows the deaths of four American women, including Holly Patterson of California.

Back in Australia, pro-aborts celebrated their legislative victory in opening their country to the dark blessing of the Abortion Pill.

In response, Tony Abbott, the Australian Health Minister, has announced a proposal to spend some $60 million in the next five years to provide pregnant women with counseling services designed to help them find solid alternatives to abortion. Among other initiatives is a 24-hour hotline, where women can not only find practical help but emotional support during their pregnancy.

Prime Minister John Howard has announced his support for the initiative, saying that he is interested in supporting strategies designed to reduce the number of abortions in Australia.

That is tremendous news, and leadership worth emulating here in the U.S.A.

In a rather ironic and hopeful turn of events, several major pharmaceutical companies have announced that they have no intention of marketing RU-486 in Australia. They said getting into the new market would be expensive. But more importantly – these companies are not interested in a pitched battle with Australia’s pro-Life movement.

Pro-Life Movement Awaits Governor’s Decision

March 1, 2006

Pro-Life Movement Awaits Governor’s Decision

As we go to press with the story, the whole pro-Life movement is holding its breath, waiting to see if the Governor of South Dakota will launch the first serious salvo at Roe v. Wade in over 30 years. The South Dakota Senate gave final approval to a measure that would outlaw all abortions in that state – except in cases where a doctor certifies that it is necessary to save the life of the baby’s mother. It passed 23 to 12.

It is similar to legislation once passed by the Idaho Legislature, back in 1990. HB625 was eventually vetoed by the Democrat Governor, Cecil Andrus on the grounds that it was unconstitutional under the Roe v. Wade fiat of the Supreme Court.

The legislation is also similar to a bill passed last year by this same body, but which Governor Rounds vetoed after intense lobbying by National Right to Life.

To be honest, there is serious debate within the pro-Life movement about the wisdom of a direct assault on Roe at this time. Critics of the South Dakota strategy correctly point out that there are probably not five votes yet on the court to overturn. Even more interesting is the impact South Dakota’s move will have on President Bush’s next appointment to the Supreme Court –which could easily come this year.

I readily acknowledge that those are valid and important considerations.

But we must also recognize the fact that we have made precious little progress in ending the wholesale destruction of God’s little ones for more than a generation. We need to up the pressure on our court system. Let us hope the Governor signs this law.

Depending on what happens between now and the time the case actually reaches the high court, the South Dakota strategy may not work. It may take other states adding their voice of outrage to confront a judicial system still bent on the destruction of the next generation. But it is well past time to get serious.