Thursday, June 22, 2006

Louisiana Joins Movement to Ban Abortion

Governor Kathleen Blanco may not know much about preparing for natural disasters, but she definitely knows how to do some things right.

Louisiana became a leader in the battle against abortion-on-demand when Blanco signed a bill last week which would re-criminalize abortion in that state should Roe v. Wade be overturned – or if a constitutional amendment were enacted to protect human life. This so-called “Trigger Law” would allow abortions only to save a mother’s life.

Planned Parenthood of Louisiana issued a statement lamenting Governor Blanco’s decision, saying that the new law would “endanger women’s health by criminalizing abortion at a time when the state is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina and scrambling to prepare for the start of a new hurricane season.” (Source: LifeNews.Com).

Idaho once had such a law, but it was repealed by Democrat Cecil Andrus when he was governor in 1990.

Louisiana’s abortion ban is different from South Dakota’s, in that it would not take effect until federal changes permitted it. Nevertheless, it adds substantial weight to the national movement to end legalized abortion.


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