Friday, December 30, 2005

Top Stories of 2005

It is appropriate to spend a little time looking back over the year to measure our blessings and challenges.

At the national level, we can celebrate the confirmation of John Roberts; and passage of the Cord Blood Bill as an alternative to embryonic stem cell research.

We can also draw hope from a new Congressional inquiry into the Abortion Pill, RU-486. Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana has initiated hearings into the health risks associated with using this dangerous drug. A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine warns that RU-486 may be up to ten times more likely to cause the death of a woman than surgical abortions performed at the same point in her pregnancy. The hearings are expected to continue in 2006.

And we must also remember the family of Terri Schiavo in our prayers.

Closer to home, we can rejoice with our victory over Planned Parenthood in their drive to gain more tax funding for their poisonous program.

But our hopes at improving the information women get before an abortion – a strong Right to Know Law – remain unfulfilled.

And then there is the terrible threat posed to Idaho families by the entry of Planned Parenthood into the abortion business. With the importation of an abortionist from Seattle, Planned Parenthood will most likely drive the abortion rate up in coming years.

Another crucial issue in 2005 was the tragic decision by Judge Lynn Winmill to strike down Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. Our daughters remain unprotected from the manipulations of Planned Parenthood & Co.

In coming days, we will look ahead to the challenges of 2006. In the meantime, may your family enjoy a splendid holiday weekend – with a new year rich in the Lord’s joy and blessing.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Battle for Emancipation From 9th Circuit Suffers Set-Back

The families of Idaho, Washington and Oregon suffered a set-back before the Christmas holidays through the powerful and effective antics of the California delegation. The drive to free the people of Idaho from the oppressive regime of the 9th Circuit is now stalled.

House Republicans like Idaho’s Mike Simpson and Wisconsin’s James Sensenbrenner had succeeded in getting the emancipation language into the House version of the deficit reduction bill. That seemed a great strategy for breaking the logjam on this issue. But once again, Senator Diane Feinstein, the socialistic Democrat from California, intimidated Senate Republicans into backing down. Rather than battle a threatened Democrat filibuster of the budget bill, Senate Republicans demanded that the House drop the whole 9th Circuit issue.

This was the second time the House Republican majority has passed legislation to break-up the 9th Circuit, and the second time the Senate has refused to vote on the issue.

Clearly, Senator Feinstein holds an immense power in the U.S. Senate – though in the minority – and continues to have a great impact on the lives of Idahoans through the leftist 9th Circuit. After the latest victory, Feinstein issued a statement to her constituents back in California crowing about her success: The defeat of the House strategy, she said, is “a victory for judicial independence, for the legislative process and for the western states that comprise the 9th Circuit”.

I can well understand Feinstein bragging about her victory. Through her, the social and economic environment of the whole west is being corrupted by the politics of California. The Left moves its agenda through a judicial system that now threatens our ability to enjoy self-government.

Hopefully Congressman Simpson and Company will not give up.

Friday, December 23, 2005

May the Lord Fill Your Christmas With His Joy

We at Idaho Chooses Life pray you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas weekend.

Christmas is the most important day on the pro-Life calendar. On this day we gather to relive the most wondrous gift of all time – the maker and mover of the Universe humbled Himself to become part of the human family. The Lord’s humility was so perfect that He came not as a shining Captain of a Heavenly Army, but as a defenseless baby.

This over-riding fact of human history was intended not just to save mankind, but to exalt the Lord’s creation of man. We are not simply made in His image – He has become one of us. This is the foundation of Christianity’s commitment to the sanctity of human life. From the very beginning of the Church’s work on earth, it has led the battle for human rights and dignity. The integrity of the Gospel demands it.

A medieval Christian working in the pro-Life movement wrote that, “We can do no better than to acknowledge our acceptance of Jesus by our acceptance of his vulnerable babies.”

Indeed, in the eyes of every child – born or preborn – is the face of Jesus Himself.

As we celebrate the birth of Lord Immanuel, I urge you to make room in the Inn of your hearts and pray for the little innocents who are threatened by abortion. I ask that you pray about becoming more involved in the pro-Life movement in 2006 – as a way of expressing your genuine gratitude for His grace to the human family, to your own life. A little time, a little money and a little of the talent you’ve been given will help save lives in the new year.

Merry Christmas my friends. And may the Lord keep you.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Good Guys Finally Win One in Congress

We have received a quiet blessing from the U.S. Congress this past week, one which deserved a great deal more attention from the dominant media than its received thus far.

The Senate finally passed HR 2520, the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act on Friday. This is final legislative action, so it will be soon be signed by the President.

This landmark legislation provides for a national cord-blood registry. It should greatly enhance the collection of stem cells for research and new treatment options for a number of serious diseases now plaguing mankind. We already know that stem cells harvested from cord blood have proven effective in treating some diseases; and stem cells from this source present absolutely no ethical dilemma. No human lives must be stuffed out in order to harvest the cells.

In fact, hospitals now just throw this rich treatment source in the garbage – by the millions. Official recognition by the U.S. Congress that these umbilical cords are a huge health resource may help re-orient the medical establishment. Perhaps attention will now be focused on this source of stem cells, rather than the obsessive drive to clone and kill tiny human beings for their stem cells.

Perhaps it was the Spirit of Christmas which helped create the strange phenomenon – but I received press releases from both Democrats for Life and Concerned Women of America on the same day, both heralding the passage of this common sense legislation.

This moment of celebration was one that almost didn’t happen. Abortion zealots in the U.S. Senate had been holding the bill hostage for many months, trying to leverage a place in the bill for embryonic stem cell research. Fortunately, the good guys won one.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Feminist Leadership Stirs Up the Base Around Alito

Even as most of us are busy getting ready for the great Christmas feast and celebration of Jesus’ birth – the enemies of life are working overtime getting ready for the confirmation hearings of Judge Alito next month.

People like Gloria Feldt are stirring up the troops, telling people that the sky is falling.

This Planned Parenthood guru issued a lengthy email alert to feminists across the nation last week, arguing that the parental notice case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court “takes aim at the heart of Roe”. She actually claims in this email that if the Supreme Court upholds the New Hampshire statute – “it would require women …to die….”

Thus, by some unexplained reasoning, Feldt is warning women across the nation that Alito might be the deciding vote in the New Hampshire case; if the Abortion Lobby loses the case, it would amount to a “back door” overturning of Roe v. Wade.

While there are important issues at stake in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood – this clarion call is just patent nonsense.

Legalized abortion would, unfortunately, be very much in place if the Supreme Court upholds the New Hampshire parental notice law. However, what we will see is the smallest degree of sanity returned to America’s judicial system.

There are two key issues at stake in the New Hampshire case. Both are critical to the ability of states to provide for meaningful restrictions on abortion. One is the so-called “health” exception. This albatross around the Legislatures in the various states has the Alice-in-Wonderland effect of negating just about any abortion restriction.

The other deals with the ability of the Abortion Lobby to file lawsuits against laws, like Idaho’s Parental Consent statute, before they even go into effect. For years, these people have gotten away with murder by being able to go into federal court on fabricated grounds: “Such and such a law might, conceivably, one day lead to some possible harm of some particular person”. And on that basis alone, Planned Parenthood & Company has been unbelievably successful at blocking statutes – without ever being required to demonstrate concrete facts. (As an aside, this is exactly what has happened in Idaho’s Parental Consent lawsuit).

If the Supreme Court were finally to put an end to such nonsense, it would represent some real progress and hope for the pro-Life movement. But that is a long way from ending the awful legalized slaughter of millions each year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Annual Planned Parenthood Death Toll Over 1 Million

Finding a hard number of abortions performed in America is a difficult task; in fact, the best we can really do is develop estimates of the number of lives snuffed out in their dawning.

Recent data from Stop Planned Parenthood International provides a great example of the difficulty. The official death toll reported by Planned Parenthood for their clinics across the country in 2004 is 255,015. But that figure includes surgical abortions and only some chemical abortions from RU-486.

There is a tremendous problem in calculating the loss of life caused by some so-called “contraceptives”. Stop Planned Parenthood, a project of the American Life League, reports that the manufacturers of various drugs and barriers to prevent pregnancy acknowledge that some of their products prevent the implantation of a new life in the mother’s womb. But apparently there are no exact numbers on the rate at which certain “contraceptives” prevent a new life from finding sustenance and nurturance; Some estimate that a woman using oral contraceptives or an IUD regularly will experience such an aborted pregnancy at least once every two years.

Using this conservative estimate, we should add another 769,931 destroyed lives as a result of Planned Parenthood’s activities. But that still doesn’t give us a final number.

We must also calculate some number of aborted lives as a result of Planned Parenthood’s obsessive marketing of the “Morning After Pill”. Again, this drug works some of the time by killing a fertilized egg. Using a conservative estimate – that this happens 10% of the time – we must add another 98,353 babies to Planned Parenthood’s charge in 2004 alone.

That brings us to a grand total of 1.12 million lives ended by Planned Parenthood in 2004.

Despite such massive carnage, American taxpayers remain the largest stockholders in this death machine.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Democrat Pollster Urges Recast of Morals Debate

Pro-abortion politicians – primarily Democrats – are receiving some fascinating advice from a former friend of mine. Celinda Lake is a smart strategist and respected pollster out of Washington, D.C. She has issued a memo to pro-abort candidates suggesting that they adopt a more cunning strategy in the fast-approach 2006 elections.

Most pollsters are finding that the tide in America has turned toward a pro-Life perspective. And the election results of 2004 demonstrate that being pro-Life gave candidates an important edge.

So, Celinda, smart as she is – is urging candidates to reframe the debate. Let’s not get caught talking about the morality of abortion, she says. Instead, let’s introduce a different moral equation: access to health care. Lake bases her advice on a poll she conducted last month of women voters who think of themselves as “Independent”.

Lake found that 86% of women answering her survey agreed with the statement, “It is morally wrong that some children in America do not have access to affordable health care.”

So expect Democrats and liberal Republicans next year to try and co-opt moral lingo in defense of liberal ends. Rather than talk about actual moral questions, like the sexual victimization of our children, liberals will attempt to focus discussion on the death penalty. And instead of talking about the genuine family values like parental consent for teenage abortions – liberals will cast health care costs as a moral issue.

Inherent in Ms. Lake’s political advice to liberal candidates is the unspoken: Don’t talk about your radical agenda on abortion. In a way, this is a sign of victory. But if we let pro-abort candidates get away with this deception – women and babies will pay the price.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Little Boston Girl Next ‘Terri’?

We talked yesterday about the legacy of Terri Schiavo – her pseudo husband’s establishment of a political action committee in her name, the ACLU giving honoring the judge who sentenced her to death. But there are others.

I have sensed that the Left scored a victory in the Terri Schiavo case. Of course, they succeeded in getting Terri dead. But that fact may have led to a public relations victory as well. There are a large number of Americans who look to the government – especially the courts – to help them sort out moral questions. If a judge declares something “good”, it seems a substantial number of people will accept that decision as having moral authority. This stems, I think, from a lack of moral development.

For many decades now the Left has been preaching “relativism”. Obviously, this is another idea of consequence. Without a religious or moral center – people will naturally tend to accept the authority of those in power. That dynamic is troubling in a system of government in which the People are supposed to be directing the government, and not the other way around.

But back to the Terri case. The apparent victory of the Death Caucus has emboldened it to seek the death of an 11 year old girl in Boston.

Little Haleigh Poutre was the victim of physical abuse by her foster parents. She was taken to the hospital three months ago with broken teeth, swollen face and burns on her chest. There were sores and cuts all over her body – and the girl’s body temperature was just 81 degrees.

The State claims she is in a persistent vegetative state – and is seeking authority to remove her from life support. I don’t have all the details in this case – but it seems to be another instance where modern medical ethics increasingly errs on the side of death. As in the Terri Schiavo case, family members are divided as to her fate.

Please join us in praying for this little girl.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Schiavo Exploits Terri’s Death With PAC

You might think the controversy around Terri Schiavo has quietly faded into the past. Think again. As predicted, the killing of Terri was a significant rite of passage in the culture’s embrace of death. There have been some important developments in the past couple weeks, as the Left seeks to take advantage of Terri’s death.

The ACLU – that zealous band of death advocates – has decided to give an award to the Florida judge who presided over Terri’s miserable death. LifeNews reports that Judge George Greer will receive the “Gardner W. Beckett, Jr. Civil Liberties Award” at an upcoming dinner. I don’t know who this Beckett is – but I’m sure the ACLU thinks he’s a big deal. But what is really a big deal is the fact that a sitting judge would accept anything beyond a legal brief from the moral anarchists at the ACLU.

To be fair, I guess Judge Greer is due his moment of glory for the yeoman’s job he did in carrying the ACLU’s water for so many years.

And then there are the creepy developments surrounding Michael Schiavo, the erstwhile husband who so patiently sought Terri’s death. We’ve learned that Mr. Schiavo has established a political action committee named, if you can believe it, “Terri’s PAC”. It is difficult to find words appropriate to this turn. Ken Conner, former head of the Family Research Council, called it “classic opportunism”. That may be so – but it feels more like trampling Terri’s ashes underfoot.

Now Michael will take his act on the road, trying to help elect pro-death legislators in Florida and elsewhere. No doubt he will draw a nice salary for his trouble.

Hopefully he will meet a public end similar to that of Cindy Sheehan, a similarly exploitative personality.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Promoter of MAP Confesses

We noted at the end of yesterday’s broadcast that Planned Parenthood sold some 1 million “emergency contraction” kits, mostly to children, last year alone. They sell them here in Idaho. And they spent a bunch of political capital in the last legislative session trying to convince Idaho legislators that taxpayers should increase their subsidies of this scheme. Many in the Senate – like Dick Compton of Coeur d’Alene – bought the goods hook-line-and-sinker.

Compton was especially moved by claims of the Abortion Industry that making the so-called “Morning After Pill” widely available would solve many social problems. The teenage pregnancy rate would decline, they said. And so would the abortion rate. It was so marvelous that all this could be accomplished by increasing the public subsidy of Planned Parenthood.

I stood in front of Compton’s committee and explained that Planned Parenthood’s presentation of reality was a complete snow-job. He wouldn’t listen. But perhaps Compton will take note of an admission by a national promoter of the “Morning After Pill” that these claims by the industry are just fabrications.

Kirsten Moore, President of Reproductive Health Technologies Project, admitted before a gathering of the National Press Club that the real world experience of the Morning After Pill does not match the hype. “Experts had estimated that we would see a drop by up to half in the rates of unintended pregnancy and the rates of abortion. And in fact, in the real world, we’re not seeing that,” Ms. Moore confessed.

While I appreciate her honesty – she understates the problem by a large degree. Not only are policy makers being sold a lie – she fails to take responsibility for the fact that the Morning After Pill often causes abortion. And then there is the mounting evidence that easy access to the drugs drive up STDs.

All in all, the only clear beneficiary to the “Morning After Pill” marketing scam is Planned Parenthood.

But such admissions should not give us any real comfort or belief that Planned Parenthood will back off its drive for more of your money. They promised they would be back next session to gain the $15 million – and I believe them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sexualizing Children Key to Planned Parenthood’s Business Plan

Yesterday we talked about the strategy of Planned Parenthood to build income and influence in our culture – through our children. For the past week or so, they have been running newspaper ads seeking children between the ages of 9-12 to participate in a series of “sex ed” classes.

We were privileged to have Jim Sedlak in Idaho this past weekend. He is Executive Director of Stop Planned Parenthood International. He addressed a packed house on Friday night at the annual ICL Christmas Dinner. The focus of his remarks were, of course, Planned Parenthood. And it is quite clear that what is happening is Boise is a time-tested marketing strategy by Planned Parenthood to build political and economic power on the backs of our kids.

The key marketing demographic for the Abortion Industry is young people – say between the ages of 12-25. Single, young girls are their “speciality”. And sex ed is the cornerstone of the whole program. When you can sexualize children – you build the base of your pyramid scheme. They become committed customers of Planned Parenthood’s many services – birth control, treatment for sexually-transmitted diseases, and abortion.

And the business strategy is working. Mr. Sedlak reported that Planned Parenthood made some $35 million last year – that is profit, which is pretty strange for a supposedly “non-profit” organization. By encouraging young people to believe it is their right and even duty to become sexually active at the earliest opportunity – Planned Parenthood is able to generate big demand for emergency contraception. It provided nearly 1 million doses of this killer drug in 2004 alone. And many were charged off to U.S. taxpayers.

Monday, December 12, 2005

What Will Our Answer Be?

Planned Parenthood of Idaho – your friendly local abortionist – is running ads in the Idaho Statesman touting their new “Sex Education Classes” for girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 12. They’ll happily teach your child “All About Puberty”. Or, you can enroll them in classes entitled, “Sex & Responsibility”. Classes are available on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. You can also send your kids into these folks on Saturdays, where they will graciously provide lunch.

It is not clear from the ad whether they require parents to join the children or not.

Don’t misunderstand – this is not a promotional ad for Planned Parenthood of Idaho, which has now entered into direct abortion services at their luxurious new Boise facility. In fact, I think this is a dangerous turn of events.

I bring this information to you so you can better appreciate the gravity of a new and more aggressive Planned Parenthood effort to pervert our children and advance their agenda for Idaho.

While we recognize Planned Parenthood as a dangerous organization - there is no doubt that some adults out there will find this offering attractive. What will our answer be? Or perhaps I should start with the question, “Will we have an answer?” Or will we simply shake our heads, perhaps offer a prayer for those children who fall prey to their propaganda?

I’m looking at a recent news article about the strong linkage between premature sexual activity and depression. The research, printed in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, indicates that premature sexual experimentation puts boys at risk for drug abuse; for girls, easy and early sex often leads to depression and low self-esteem. Will Planned Parenthood inform their new victims of this?

You may be sure not.

So again, what will our answer be? Prayer for those young victims ensnared by Planned Parenthood at such an early age is one strategy. You may also consider making a donation to this ministry – as we prepare to engage Planned Parenthood in the next legislative session. Our homepage makes this most convenient.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Tragedy of Imperfect Children

Chuck Colson issued a clarion call to the pro-Life community in a recent column. The developments in science and medicine are without doubt a great blessing – in general. But the ethics and philosophy of eugenics are deeply embedded in modern medicine; sometimes that perverse world view drives science to pursue immoral ends.

A great case in point is the continuing development of new tests to detect Downs Syndrome in preborn children. Colson tells of a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine heralding a new test which can be used much earlier in the pregnancy. One researcher proclaims that doctors should begin offering the test to all their pregnant patients in the first trimester.

Colson asks the key question: “Why would we do that?”

At least one liberal paper’s editors provide the obvious answer: “Screening women before the second trimester allows those who might opt to terminate a pregnancy to make that decision when abortion is easier and less traumatic.” But less traumatic for whom?

The truth is, about 90% of those who learn their baby has Down’s Syndrome already decide to commit abortion against them. More and easier testing can only increase those numbers.

Without doubt, some listening to me believe that killing babies with Down’s Syndrome and other disabilities is a “compassionate” thing to do. But again – for whom? Obviously not for the baby whose life on earth has been destroyed – and who cannot fulfill the Lord’s purpose for them. And even in the case of parents who choose abortion, one must wonder about the profound and permanent loss to their lives.

But society is also weakened by this “purging” of the imperfect among us.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

NYC is America’s Abortion Capitol

There is a mind-boggling story about the practice of abortion in New York City, carried by LifeNews.Com. It reveals the Big Apple as the Big Death. The carnage in America’s premier city is truly staggering.

The state as a whole has the highest abortion rate in the nation – some 164,000 each year, about 1/3 the population of the whole state of Wyoming. But it is the city which proudly serves as America’s Abortion Capitol.

The ratio of abortions to live births in some parts of New York City are one-to-one. There are reportedly 34 abortion businesses in New York City proper that performed more than 400 abortions each per year. There are more abortions performed on teenage girls, more repeat abortions and more abortions performed after 21 weeks’ gestation than anywhere else in the nation.

The state Medicaid system pays for about 1/3 of abortions with taxpayer funds. There are no restrictions like Parental Consent or waiting periods. Pro-Life groups admit that there appears little prospect for curtailing the blood shed anytime in the foreseeable future.

Both parties in New York are essentially pro-abortion – including leading Republicans like Governor George Pataki and former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani. The tradition of support for abortion has deep roots in New York – and it was a Republican Governor, Nelson Rockefeller, who pushed for legalized abortion three years before the Supreme Court handed down its edict in Roe.

Blood began flowing quickly: In the three years between Rockefeller’s action and the Supreme Court edict of 1973, it is estimated that some 350,000 women traveled from across the country to kill their babies in the Empire State.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Joel Brind Takes Faulty ABC Researchers to Task

Remember that story from last week – about the supposed research proving a linkage between abortion and decreased crime rates? Well, truth to tell, it is not the only fabricated abortion research making the rounds.

One of the greatest and most tragic scams can be found in the area of abortion and breast cancer. Many supposedly respectable researchers and institutions have spent years working hard to reassure American women that the rising rates of breast cancer are a great mystery, and have nothing to do with legalized abortion.

But the indomitable Dr. Joel Brind, president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute and professor of epidemiology at City University of New York, has just published a paper which tears to shreds ten recent “studies” purporting to show that breast cancer is related to just about anything other than abortion.

Brind digs into the methodology and small print of the research findings to ferret out the biases and manipulations used to support their politicized conclusions. For example, one big-name study only included 138 women. Another misclassified 90% of the women in its study, claiming they had no abortion history – when in fact they had. Even the authors admitted that their data on abortion history was “substantially incomplete”.

Come again? Medical researchers publish a study denying the link between abortion and breast cancer – and yet fail to accurately record the abortion history of the women they’re “studying”? And that was at Oxford University. Unbelievable.

What such intentional malpractice demonstrates is the strength of need to prove abortion “safe” for women. That is a political and moral agenda which supersedes the moral duty to tell the truth.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Interview With An Abortionist

I’ve just been reading an extensive story in the Los Angeles Times, which tells the story of an abortionist in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It provides us with great insight into the contradictions, delusions and moral stupor of those who kill babies for a living.

Dr. William Harrison has been killing babies since the Supreme Court legalized the practice in 1973. It provided a special focus to his practice of obstetrics and gynecology. He told the Times that he’s committed about 20,000 abortions against women, but that is only a crude estimate. (After all, preborn children are not even entitled to the dignity of an accurate number marking their passing).

Over the years, Harrison has weathered many rounds of public battles. That has seemingly made him more belligerent in his sin: The reporter says he calls himself an ‘abortionist’ and proudly admits, “I am destroying life.”

The reporter is allowed to watch an abortion on an 18-year old woman, portraying him as a careful professional.

There is also an interesting insight into the thinking of the staff around the abortuary: “If [these women] truly feel they’re killing a baby, we’re not going to do an abortion for them,” says the nurse. They’ll be sent home to think about it a bit more.

Interestingly enough, the 70-year old Harrison says that, “It’s not a baby to me until the mother tells me it’s a baby.”

After a career in the science of medicine, the best this man can offer is a whimsical view of human life – while admitting that he destroys life, I guess it is not necessarily ‘human life’. That is a matter for his patients to decide, taking reality to a whole new level of relativism.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Ghastly Post-Abortion Ruling From Hawaii

This story should send a quiver through your soul.

The Supreme Court of Hawaii has just thrown out the manslaughter conviction of a 32-year old mother who had been found guilty by a criminal of killing her newborn son by smoking crystal methamphetamine shortly before his birth – and again on the morning he was born.

The baby boy, named Treyson, perished within 2 days of his birth, his blood poisoned by high levels of methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Their unanimous ruling is that no crime was committed because there was no person involved. That is, nothing really happened. Since the baby was not a person under the law at the time his mother was smoking the drugs, she could not be prosecuted for harming the baby in her womb.

Obviously, this ruling stems directly from the specious and dishonest reasoning found in the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings around abortion. And it implies that post-birth abortion will be sanctioned by courts in order to preserve the Roe regime.

To really appreciate the gravity of this ruling, we need to appreciate that the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act would have protected this boy from harm or destruction by any person other than his mother. Thus, only in the case of a crime committed by the mother is the thing in the womb not a human being; in all other situations, he or she is a baby entitled to protection under the law.

This ghastly contradiction is the result of a legal system being lifted up on its own arrogance.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Abortion – Crime Link Just Propaganda

Remember the hullabaloo a few weeks ago around radio comments made by former Education Secretary Bill Bennett? Leftists expressed “outrage” that he suggested black babies should be aborted in order to drastically reduce crime. Of course, that is not actually what he said – but it certainly created an opportunity for the Left to take cheap shots at those big, bad, mean conservatives.

Bennett’s comments were actually related to a national study released a few years ago by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. One is a University of Chicago economist, and the other is a New York Times columnist. These guys alleged that legalized abortion has caused a national drop in crime rates. Basically, their analysis is that high abortion rates among blacks and lower-income women in general produced fewer children in demographic groups more inclined toward criminal behavior. Many of us in the pro-Life movement were caught flat-footed by the study – rightly fearing that many policy makers would use this kind of data to further justify abortion. And while we couldn’t prove it – there was a certain feeling that the conclusions were very suspicious. Among other warning flags is the simple fact that the study was a modern printing of old eugenics ideas: The way to solve social problems was to have elites free to re-engineer society.

Well a recent article in the Wall Street Journal disputes the findings and methodology of this Levitt study.

Christopher Foote, a Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, has identified serious flaws in the basic data of the previous study. They simply ignored several factors that may have contributed to the lowering of crime rates during the 1980s and 90s.

Foote flatly says that there are no statistical grounds for supporting the idea that abortion leads to reduced crime rates.

It turns out that the original study was nothing more than a propaganda effort by modern eugenics advocates to justify the practices of Planned Parenthood & Company. Brings to mind the old saw about economists and liars ….

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Planned Parenthood Targets Wal-Mart

Imagine yourself to be the parents of Alycia Brown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. They followed the advice of Planned Parenthood religiously. After learning that their 14-year old daughter was “sexually active”, they procured birth control for her. That was the enlightened thing to do, the “tolerant” and accepting answer to a girl run amok.

Now their daughter is dead.

It turns out that the popular hormonal patch – promoted on television by Planned Parenthood and the Sex Industry as a great boon to women and girls – produced blot clots in the girl’s pelvis. And it turns out that the FDA, virtually owned by Planned Parenthood zealots, has admitted that this little girl is not alone. There are 17 confirmed deaths directly related to this dangerous manipulation of female hormones.

It is in that context that we should applaud Wal-Mart. This is one corporation taking a stand against the sexualizing of our children – and Planned Parenthood intends to make them pay a heavy price. The company refused to carry the “Emergency Contraception” pill – which sometimes acts as an abortion pill – and Planned Parenthood has begun organizing pickets, claiming that Wal-Mart was somehow “anti-woman”. But given the obvious danger of these products – Wal-Mart should be commended for taking a stand.

The pickets have already taken place in Massachusetts. But in truth – Planned Parenthood’s actions are part of a larger strategy by the Left to demonize Wal-Mart. During the Massachusetts pickets, supposedly about the “Morning After” Pill – Planned Parenthood welcomed speakers from the Labor Movement, who have long dreamed of unionizing Wal-Mart employees.