Monday, October 31, 2005

SC Diocese Takes a Stand Against Komen Foundation

Our hats off to the leadership of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston for withdrawing participation in the “Race for the Cure” in Charleston, South Carolina because the sponsoring organization, the Susan G. Komen Foundation gives some of its money to Planned Parenthood.

A diocese spokesman said the Catholic Church supports every person’s right to life – and it would be inconsistent to help raise money for an organization that passed that money along to a pro-abortion organization like Planned Parenthood.

This “Race for the Cure” promotion is the biggest fundraising gig for the breast cancer industry – and it appears that the Komen Foundation is the nation’s largest breast cancer fundraising machine.

According to press reports, the Komen Foundation responded by arguing that grants are given out by local boards – and sometimes money goes to Planned Parenthood clinics offering breast cancer screenings.

But the Diocese and the Komen Foundation both fail to discuss the larger, darker issue here. One could almost overlook the evils of using Planned Parenthood to conduct breast cancer screenings – by focusing on the fact that more women could be getting early screening. But using Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, to help with breast cancer is something like the American Lung Association using a major tobacco company to conduct tests for lung cancer.

We will undoubtedly see rising numbers of breast cancer cases in the next decade, as more post-abortive women mature. Yet folks at Planned Parenthood, the Komen Foundation and the National Cancer Institute – that is, those with a vested interest in the politics of abortion and the big cash of “finding a cure” – will happily turn a blind eye to research demonstrating a link between abortion and breast cancer.

And I’d like to remind our readers that an excellent brochure on the linkage between breast cancer and abortion can be viewed at, a website sponsored by the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Planned Parenthood Found Guilty of Breaking Law

Planned Parenthood has been found guilty of breaking the law by a Minnesota judge. David Higgs has ruled that Planned Parenthood violated Minnesota’s Parental Notification Law by failing to notify parents of a 17 – year old girl before performing an abortion on her in 2002.

The girl’s parents sued Planned Parenthood in May, saying their daughter relied on them for advice and financial support. Their daughter was a high school senior at the time of the abortion.

Oddly enough – Planned Parenthood does not deny performing the abortion without parental notice. They have simply argued that they don’t the law applies in this case – because the girl had had a previous pregnancy. But Judge Higgs ruled that Minnesota’s Parental Notice Law applies to all minors – not just those Planned Parenthood chooses to protect.

The finding that Planned Parenthood violated the law allows the parents to proceed with a lawsuit in which the family is seeking more than $50,000 in damages from America’s largest abortion chain.

I bring this story to you because it is crucial that we realize what kind of organization Planned Parenthood actually is. On display, once again, is the over-weaning arrogance of an organization long accustomed to getting its way with the American legal system. Notice that Planned Parenthood simply decided to amend the law to fit its idea of what should be.

“Our definition is that she was a legal adult,” said Planned Parenthood marketing director Marta Coursey. Their basis? She had a previous pregnancy. But nowhere in Minnesota law does such a provision exist.

And now, they are threatening to appeal Judge David Higgs’ ruling if he does not reconsider.

We are also hopeful that this finding may encourage other legal officials – including AG Lawrence Wasden – to more carefully scrutinize Planned Parenthood’s compliance with state and local regulations.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

NASCAR Driver and Interstate Help CareNet

I’m excited to bring you news of a story about a nationally-prominent NASCAR driver stepping up to help CareNet – the nation’s leading pro-Life pregnancy care organization.

Last Sunday, NASCAR drive Bobby LaBonte began carrying the CareNet logo on his car in the race at Martinsville, along with Interstate Batteries. It was the kick-off for a fundraising campaign, called “Charged for Life”.

During the campaign, Interstate will donate more than 50% of proceeds from various batteries to CareNet. The company makes batteries for homes, appliances, toys and cars.

CareNet president Kurt Entsminger was effusive in his praise for Interstate. The company, he said, is a “great role model” for companies wanting to make a big difference at the local level. CareNet serves some 10,000 women and girls a month from over 900 pregnancy centers in America and Canada.

These centers make a profound commitment to each pregnant girl or woman coming in the door. Highly trained volunteers work to meet medical, financial, physical and emotional needs of mothers who need help. These front line soldiers demonstrate God’s love and provide the pro-Life community’s best response to the hype and deception of Planned Parenthood.

The oldest CareNet facility in Idaho is in Nampa. But other great centers are now operating in Twin Falls, Lewiston and Coeur d’Alene.

Unfortunately, Idaho’s Abortion Capitol – Boise – is not yet on that list. Despite the fact that some 92% of all Idaho abortions happen in Boise – there is not a CareNet facility in the large and well-heeled community. This is an on-going tragedy we hope to soon correct.

In the meantime, our hats off to Interstate and Bobby LaBonte. If you need a new car battery for the winter – please consider spending your money on an Interstate brand!

And, by the way, LaBonte came in 4th behind Jeff Gordon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kansas Abortion Case Could be Nationally Important

Well the oddity of yesterday’s story – in which we reported that the Attorney General of New Hampshire was defending the state’s law on parental notification, while the Governor was attacking it before the U.S. Supreme Court – is now matched by the politics of Kansas.

Several times we have reported on the courageous tenacity of Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline in pressing Planned Parenthood for an accounting of its failure under the law to report suspected cases of child sexual abuse. The abortion group has fought and kicked its way up to that state’s Supreme Court – alleging that the “right to privacy” creates a cloak of cover for pedophiles and those who aid them.

In a separate action, he is also seeking a court order that would prevent the State of Kansas from paying for rape or incest abortions. He is convinced that the state Constitution prohibits the spending of tax money on abortions. In his action, Kline cites the Kansas Constitution’s protection of certain inalienable rights, “among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

Kline was encouraged by the Kansas House of Representatives to file the action, a strategy for securing an official interpretation of these words by the state’s high court. Kline’s lawsuit asks the court to declare that life begins at conception.

Now the State’s pro-abortion Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, has filed a counter motion, asking the Supreme Court to dismiss Kline’s suit in defense of preborn children. You may remember a previous story about Sebelius’ campaign donations from the notorious abortionist George Tiller.

Beyond the odd politics here – this could be a very important national case in the battle to protect preborn children.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Odd Developments in Big Abortion Case

As the political class in America struggles with the implications of the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court, we are paying attention to the odd developments going on around a crucial abortion case pending before the Supreme Court. The case is called Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, and comes to the court from New Hampshire.

The crucial issue in the case is whether the state’s parental notification statute needs a “health exception”. Let’s put the issue in simple terms: Planned Parenthood is arguing that in cases where a girl’s “health” is somehow threatened by a pregnancy – be that actual physical damage, cramps or emotional strain – the requirement that at least one parent be notified that their daughter is getting an abortion is “unconstitutional”. In such cases, Planned Parenthood is arguing that an abortionist should be able to kill the baby without even sending parents a postcard.

Now we can certainly hold Planned Parenthood accountable for this outrageous position. But their opinion wouldn’t matter much if they had not found plenty of federal judges willing to support this scandalous re-writing of the U.S. Constitution.

This case is one of the two big ones coming to the new Supreme Court this term. Hopefully, Harriet Miers will be on the court in time to help protect parents and girls from such schemes.

But in the meantime, the case has taken some odd turns.

The Attorney General of New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte, is defending the state’s law. But the state’s governor, John Lynch, has just filed a “friend of the court” brief with the Supreme Court – arguing that his state’s law is unconstitutional. That has to be one for the books. The pro-abort Governor believes that the law poses a threat to the health of “young women” – even though the law treats girls, not women; and even though there is an exception for pregnancies which are life-threatening.

Lynch’s position is even more outrageous when we understand that “emergency” abortions are virtually unheard of in the real world. A survey of numerous states – including Idaho for the years 2000-2004 – has found that have been no “medical emergency” abortions performed on girls over a period of many years. As one friend observed: “Ambulances carry women away abortion clinics – not to them”.

This whole “health exception” fabrication of federal judges has proven to be the great bane of the struggle against abortion; the exception that digested the entire rule. This case has enormous implications for the daughters and families of this nation. Let us pray that the Bush appointees to the Court are ready for the moment.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Miers Nomination Encumbered by Spiritual Warfare

Perhaps you, too, have noticed the strange atmosphere and tone around the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. The liberals have been strangely quiet – happy no doubt to leave the destruction of Bush’s nomination to his friends on the right. If necessary, I have no doubt they will chime in. But what a great position they presently enjoy in the most important judicial appointment in some thirty years. All their dirty work is being done by their opponents.

I’ve puzzled over this development for a couple weeks now. And my anxiety is growing that we may be witnessing a great tragedy.

For all the proud criticism offered up in the past couple weeks by the conservative chattering class – I am left with the troubling sense that there is just no substance to the conservative angst. Our self-appointed national leaders seem most piqued by the fact that President Bush did not seek their permission to appoint Harriet Miers. All in all, I can remember not a single substantial reason being offered by conservative critics as to why Ms. Miers ought not take her place on the court.

In fact, all the words and blathering commentary on websites and Fox News are more gossipy than substantive.

Which brings me to this foreboding: This nomination is of immense importance to America’s spiritual future. It is to the federal court system what George Bush’s election was to the political system in 2000. And I remember in that long election how many of us were in earnest prayer that the Lord would have mercy on this nation – one more time.

That kind of earnest prayer is in order now around Harriet Miers.

Ironically, many of our prayers in that long election were centered on the certain knowledge that we needed George Bush elected to reform the federal judiciary. That historical moment has now arrived, and it should come as no surprise that an intense spiritual battle is descending around Miers.

But in this battle, it is beginning to appear that the Enemy is playing upon the spiritual defects of the Christian community to sow confusion, division and, possibly, defeat.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Another Floor of Babel’s Tower

There’s another Chuck Colson column which deserves our attention.

Colson reviewed a new book, Radical Evolution, by Joel Garreau. The book deals with the frightening turns now before the human race – as scientists gain more technical insight into how genes can be manipulated.

Garreau argues that mankind is on the brink of something he calls, “engineered evolution”. Technological breakthroughs in the areas of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence open new and dramatic possibilities – horrific possibilities.

Colson warns that within our kids’ lifetimes, parents may find themselves playing desperate games of “catch-up” with other, more affluent families in a struggle to make sure that their kids can compete in a world where human traits are selected and even engineered.

Colson believes that many gene therapies are being tested right now – including pain vaccines, memory enhancement technologies and “gene doping”. All of which is designed to produce stronger, smarter, faster human beings.

Now what does this have to do with saving preborn children?

What really grabbed my attention about this column is the evidence it presents of a larger problem in Western Civilization. We have pushed God and the wonder of creation to the very edges of our daily lives. We have willfully abandoned the notion of mankind being accountable to a being larger than ourselves; in short, we have become our own gods.

There are no real boundaries to science or medicine. The only considerations are now practical: “can we do it?” has replaced any genuine consideration of “should we do it?”

This phenomenon is the poisonous fruit of the abortion tree. In abandoning God, we have necessarily given up the hard values surrounding the sanctity of human life.

It remains to be seen how much of this genetic engineering and tinkering God himself will permit. But it is certain that a sinful mankind will not voluntarily back away from the possible.

Margaret Sanger, founder of the modern Eugenics movement, could not wish for a happier turn of events.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Parable of the Wicked Judge

I was recently interviewed by a prominent radio talk show host on why we continued to battle the evil of abortion, why we persevered in the face of a wealthy abortion industry and so much apathy within the religious and political communities.

I told him that much of what drives me, even against steep odds, is the certain knowledge of abortion and the wreckage it leaves behind. These are real lives we’re battling for – and not just the lives of babies in the womb.

But I’ll admit that I was a little pricked by the question. There are days when it doesn’t seem that we are making much headway against such well-financed opponents as Planned Parenthood.

During my daily devotions recently, I re-read a parable from the Gospel of Luke. To tell you the truth I have often wondered about this parable. It is the story of the widow who goes repeatedly to the hard-hearted judge, begging him for justice. The judge does not care about God or his neighbors. After repeated pleas, the judge finally relents. He says to himself, “Even though I don’t fear God or care about men, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won’t eventually wear me out with her coming.”

There is certainly a lesson for the pro-Life community in this parable.

The status of widows in ancient Israel was not great. They were among the most vulnerable and socially weak of the community. For the most part, they had no legal status. At many levels, I can relate to this position. After all, we represent people (preborn children) with no money, no political power, and no legal position.

And certainly most of the people we petition – judges, politicians and even church leaders – are not particularly moved by the plight of preborn children. Yet there is encouragement here: the powerless widow finally obtains justice out of pure tenacity!

So if we are faithful, we can hope for victory even at the hands of those who don’t appreciate the sanctity of human life.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lessons from Schiavo Case Continue to Surface

Even though Terri Schiavo’s death occurred some ten months ago, grave questions continue to surface. These ponderings will do nothing to save Terri Schiavo, of course: but they may well prepare the rest of us for considering the crucial issues involved – and the degree to which public opinion – maybe your own opinion – was created and manipulated by an agenda-driven media.

WorldNetDaily just ran an analysis of the media’s coverage of the Terri Schiavo killing. They quoted several media analysts as arguing that the mainstream media’s coverage of her condition and the legal issues as incredibly inaccurate. Columnist Nat Hentoff called the shoddy reporting on the case the worst case of “journalistic malpractice” he’s seen in twenty-five years.

The media regularly misinformed the American public about Terri’s condition. The media, for example, constantly referred to Terri as being on “life support”. But Terri was never on a breathing machine and maintained her own blood pressure. She did rely on a feeding tube – but so do some 125,000 American adults and 10,000 children.

The big media also habitually characterized Terri as being in a coma and even “brain dead”. All of that was meant to convey the idea that Terri’s existence was merely artificial. But the fact is, no medical testimony came forward to substantiate the idea that Terri was in a coma. She actually was comatose in the first three months following her still-mysterious injury – but she recovered and was able to breathe on her own for the last fifteen years of her life.

And did you know that Florida law allows the removal of feeding tubes only in cases where the patient is in a “permanent vegetative state”? The judge in Terri’s case ruled in favor of killing Terri on the basis of two neurologists hired by her estranged husband; meanwhile, some 40 other medical experts submitted sworn affidavits disputing that finding.

There is much more to this case than we’ve learned by reading the Spokesman Review.

But the bottom line is that we have been manipulated by the same press corps that relentlessly pushes the abortion culture – and for many of the same reasons.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Planned Parenthood Sued for RU-486

The family of a dead woman in Southern California has filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood as well as the makers of RU-486, the Abortion Pill.

The family of Hoa Thuy Tran, just 21 years old when she died, is alleging that Planned Parenthood and Danco Laboratories failed to warn their daughter of the potential risks associated with using the Abortion Pill.

Their attorney, Mark Crawford, said in a press statement that she was not given any warnings, despite the fact that two women had already died from complications arising from RU-486. There are now at least four deaths associated with RU-486, all from California.

Hoa Thuy Tran left behind a husband and a 5-year daughter.

Those deaths are now being investigated by the Center for Disease Control. But we ought not hold too great a hope that any defense of women’s health will come from this organization.

After all, the manufacturer of the second drug used to kill and evacuate preborn children in a chemical abortion procedure has issued a public warning that it is not responsible for the use of misoprostol as part of an abortion process. The drug was made for ulcer treatments.

These developments point a stage light on the Abortion Industry’s priorities – and it is certainly not about protecting women and girls.

These cases have gained even more relevance to Idaho. Planned Parenthood of Idaho has said it has started providing the Abortion Pill to women and girls at its Boise clinic. We don’t know yet whether it is being offered at the Twin Falls Planned Parenthood offices.

We will continue watching for developments in this case.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The True Objectives of the Stem Cell Industry

Chuck Colson carried an important column last week, which I’d like to share with you today on the dark side of human cloning and stem cell research.

He reports that Science magazine announced a major breakthrough in stem cell research last month. Harvard researchers have found a way to create embryonic-type stem cells without the need to actually clone and kill human embryos.

Princeton biology professor Robert George, a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics, is among those puzzled by the lack of joy among those demanding access to stem cells for all these supposed miracle cures. And if you think about – this development should be front page news. With this breakthrough, we could theoretically have an abundance of stem cells for research without the moral destruction of killing newly conceived humans.

But the lack of celebration may be a very big clue to the actual agenda of the blossoming biotech industry. As Colson writes, “the dirty little secret of the stem cell debate” is that cells stolen from embryos at the earliest stages are useless because they tend to cause tumors rather than cures. This problem fades if the cells are taken from older babies.

In other words, the real therapeutic potential for stem cells is essentially linked to “fetal farming”. Put more plainly, this means harvesting stem cells, tissues and organs harvested from human babies at 16, or even 21 weeks’ gestation. That is nearly old enough to live outside the womb!

Professor George believes that these very quiet developments help expose the true objectives of at least some leading the charge for embryonic stem cell research – at taxpayer expense.

No wonder you didn’t see the story in the Idaho Statesman or Post Register!

Monday, October 10, 2005

A Righteous Person Needed in Buhl/Filer

I’d like to talk about a few things today.

The first is breast cancer and abortion. October is a big fundraising month for groups like the Komen Foundation. They are out there picking your pocket even as they help groups Planned Parenthood seduce women and girls into killing their babies.

What makes this a dark enterprise, of course, is the building research which shows a link between abortion and breast cancer. We’ve just found an excellent pamphlet on the subject, which you can view yourself by visiting This publication has been put together by the Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition – probably the leading voice for victims of breast cancer in the nation. I’m hoping to be able to purchase a large volume of these brochures to mail out across the state – but in the meantime, learn for yourself why abortion poses such a grave health threat to American women.

Subscribers to our weekly e-News learned this week about the great news out of Twin Falls: Rep. Doug Jones is leaving for Hawaii. That is his greatest contribution to preborn in twenty years. Jones has supported Partial Birth Abortions and demanded tax money be available to pay for abortions. But enough about him.

Right now, Sharon Block is the only pro-Life Republican coming to us from Twin Falls County. There is now a chance to change that. Republicans will be meeting to nominate a new representative. But without your help, we’ll probably get just another abortion fan.
We are asking you to think about folks you might know in the Buhl/Filer area who might be willing to serve Idaho families. And we are asking you to call the Republican District Chairman, Gary Davis, and ask him to support a pro-Life Republican to take Jones’ place. Gary Davis is from Filer and will be a key player in the fight to replace Doug Jones. His phone number is 326-4980

Friday, October 07, 2005

ABA Study Finds Widespread Disdain for Courts

As we discuss the momentous battle over the U.S. Supreme Court, WorldNetDaily published a fascinating article about the alarm racing through elitist circles as they review data from a new national survey on the judiciary.

WorldNetDaily reports that legal experts were shocked by a survey which found that a strong majority of Americans believe that judicial activism has reached a crisis stage. Constitutional Law professor Charles Geyh called the results, “simply scary”.

Of course this is no news flash for most of us out here in “Red States America”. The disgust and anger has been building for many years. But because the survey was sponsored by the American Bar Association and reported in its Journal – the leftists in charge of our legal system are suddenly paying attention.

56% of respondents agreed with the statement, “Judicial activism seems to have reached a crisis. Judges routinely overrule the will of the people, invent new rights and ignore traditional morality.”

Georgetown Law professor Mark Tushnet said “these are surprisingly large numbers. I thought … there was a higher residue of general respect for the courts.”

Well, “hello!”

The families of Idaho are now paying the price for this very phenomenon. Our federal judge, Lynn Winmill, appointed by Bill Clinton, has thumbed his nose at the hard work done by our elected legislature in the area of Parental Consent for abortions. He says it is unconstitutional for a doctor to notify parents if he has performed an emergency abortion on their daughter. Just none of their business.

God removed from schools and the public square; pedophiles protected and Planned Parenthood imposed on our children. The courts have brought this disdain upon themselves.

One would hope that elites and ambitious attorneys would see these results as a call to repentance and moderation; but it is more likely they will simply launch a new public relations campaign to “educate” us about why we are so misguided – how these judges are simply doing a yeoman’s job of applying the Constitution without regard to their personal agenda. After all, the Left is nothing if not convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority.

In the meantime – we average citizens ought to demand of politicians running for Congress a detailed plan as to how they intend to fulfill their Constitutional duty to break the runaway judiciary. It is past time for campaign platitudes. We must insist upon action.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush Is Due Some Benefit of Doubt

There has been a fair amount of grumbling and discontent with President Bush over his appointment of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Many in the pro-Life movement believe it was important for Bush to engage the Abortion Lobby and their minions in the Senate in a straight-up fight. I agree with that view, at least in part. It is more than frustrating to see Republicans consistently pulling out salad forks when jumped by knife-wielding thugs like Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer.

But the bottom-line is whether Miers is pro-Life. In the end, it will matter less, much less, how she gets there than it will what she does after taking the oath.

So – is she pro-Life? I honestly have no idea. But I think we know something about this president. He is only the second pro-Life president in American history. With the exception of last week’s temporary appointment at the FDA, there is nothing in President Bush’s conduct which would give us reason to lose faith in him.

That leaves the possibility that President Bush has made a mistake in appointing Miers, as President Reagan did when he appointed O’Connor. But that seems even more remote. We know that Bush has spent thousands of hours working with this woman for a decade. They have had, no doubt, many conversations about faith, values, and life.

So if Miers goes south – President Bush will certainly not be able to hide behind some argument involving ignorance or deception. He will have to accept the full responsibility for whatever Ms. Miers does on the bench, at least on the issues that matter most to conservatives.

And so will the Republican Party. With two big abortion cases already on the docket for this term, we will clearly know the measure of both Miers and Roberts just in time for the mid-term elections. And if Bush breaks our heart – the Republicans will again become a minority party. There is simply no doubt that millions of Christians will simply turn their backs on the whole political process. That vacuum will allow Democrats to gain seats in Congress and probably regain the White House in 2008.

The stakes for the nation are immense; even greater for the millions of preborn children yet to be conceived.

So in the end, we have no choice but to believe – and prayerfully watch.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bold Sentence in the Baseball Bat Murder Case

You may remember the chilling Michigan case involving a pair of teenagers who killed their baby by beating it to death in the womb with a baseball bat. The baby was about 6 months’ gestational age. Authorities there determined that they could not prosecute the girl because she has an unmitigated “right” to kill her child until it manages to crawl out of the womb and obtain his own legal counsel.

But the boy is in a different category. After all, he is just the father. He has been prosecuted for the killing.

Last week the judge pronounced sentence. Judge Matthew Switalski sentenced the 17 year old father to two years probation and community service at Compassion Pregnancy Centers. We believe the center is connected to CareNet because it is explicitly Christian in its mission to aid mothers having a difficult time with their pregnancy.

The Detroit News reports that the judge said his sentence was designed to help the kid come to grips with what he did.

That is certainly an interesting approach, since no one else in the case seems to be particularly troubled about the homicide. Even then, it is a sign of our times that a baby is brutally killed and the best we can come up with is probation.

But even this slap on the wrist has produced outrage from the boy’s parents. His father told the press that the sentence “was a bad call on the judge’s part. Why not send him to Planned Parenthood, where he could see all sides of being a parent?”

Clearly we gain great understanding into the problem here. These kids have been raised in a morally bankrupt environment. No wonder the boy had no qualms about beating his own baby to death.

Assuming that the sentence is allowed to stand (a big assumption, given the warped judicial system governing America) – then perhaps this boy will gain some understanding that there is more at stake here than a self-centered obsession with our own convenience. He certainly hasn’t had that exposure from his family.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Planned Parenthood Proclaims Child’s “Right” to be Sexually Active

This new governor of Missouri is quite a righteous man. I saw an interview with him on Fox News last week, and he is one of the most straight-forward pro-Life leaders in America. It was so refreshing to hear a governor speak plainly about his values and the crying need to rebuild a culture of life in this country.

Governor Matt Blunt is embroiled in a battle with Planned Parenthood over legislation he just signed which makes it a crime for any adult who is not a girl’s parent, to cause, aid or assist a minor in obtaining an abortion. Missouri has a strong Parental Consent law, and the legislature has been searching for ways to make sure that Planned Parenthood and other predators are not able to get around that protection by simply transporting girls into Illinois.

Naturally enough, Planned Parenthood has challenged the law in a federal lawsuit. And, just as naturally, they have found a federal judge willing to abuse his power to cram their agenda down our throats. The law has been temporarily enjoined – even as Planned Parenthood has publicly decried the law as “morally bankrupt” (See comments of Peter Brownlie, President of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Misouri; Sun-News, September 29, 2005).

That statement, from the most dangerous organization in America, would be hilarious if real lives weren’t hanging in the balance.

This lawsuit is part of a dark agenda for our daughters – which Planned Parenthood makes explicit on its website for teenagers. On “”, you can read that Planned Parenthood is telling our children that they have a “right” to decide whether they want to be sexually active, and they have the “right” to express that sexuality without fear of pregnancy, infections or prejudice.

Such counsel is blatantly immoral and illegal. Not even the most radical federal judge has recognized a child’s “right” to be sexually active – in violation of the law in all 50 states. But we need to wake and smell the brew on the stove: this is where Planned Parenthood is pushing America. Without our active and informed opposition, such a formal recognition of new “rights” for our children is all but inevitable.

Monday, October 03, 2005

About Pocatello Abortionist Edward DeSano

Before getting into today’s story, I want to thank the hundreds who participated in our annual Life Chain yesterday around the Boise Mall. This was a great event – in which pro-Lifers from Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian and other places stood together to call Idaho’s Abortion Capital to a place of heart-felt repentance. About 92% of all abortions performed in Idaho are done here in Boise – about half of those are done to women and girls from outside Ada County.

But not all.

Today I want to talk about Pocatello’s abortionist, Dr. Edward DeSano. In all honesty, I was unaware until recently that there was an abortionist in regular practice outside of Boise.

But we have received information from Planned Parenthood which says that Dr. DeSano performs abortions through the first trimester. He charges $500 per abortion. I called his office to confirm the information, and was told by a cheerful receptionist that yes, indeed, Dr. DeSano performs abortions.

We then checked with the State of Idaho to see how many abortions are performed in Pocatello. From 1993 – 2003, 628 abortions have been done to women and babies in Pocatello. I don’t know if all those have been done by Dr. DeSano – but at his prices, that is income of about $314,000.

On average, Dr. DeSano apparently performs one or two abortions each week. We estimate that this brings him about $25,000 each year.

What is even more disturbing, Dr. DeSano apparently also provides an “infertility” service to women seeking to get pregnant. It is impossible for me to understand how this doctor can go from woman to woman, aborting a child, then helping another become pregnant. Does it not occur to Dr. DeSano that these women might be able to help one another find healing and happiness? Which is to say nothing about the hundreds of young lives which might be saved.