Tuesday, August 09, 2005


August 6 , 2005

"The Supreme Court makes law. We hope they do it by interpreting precedent and follow the legislature. But they make the law.
- U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)


Idaho Chooses Life Alliance, Inc. filed a "Friend of the Court" brief on Thursday in support of the State's reconsideration motion in the Parental Consent case. On July 15th, Attorney General Lawrence Wasden asked federal Judge Lynn Winmill to reconsider his decision to block the entire Parental Consent law because he found two minor portions "unconstitutional".

The ICLA brief hammers home the point that Winmill's decision ignores the clear intent of the Legislature to extend as great a protection as possible to Idaho's daughters.

We wish to thank our legal team, led by Meridian attorney Christ Troupis. And we solicit your prayers on behalf of this motion.

If you'd like a hard copy of our filing, just send us an email.

And we ask for your continued financial support of this costly endeavor. Tax deductible donations can be made to:

Idaho Chooses Life Alliance, Inc.
PO Box 8172
Boise, Id. 83707.


LifeNews.Com is reporting that Susan Torres passed away on Wednesday, after she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Susan suffered a collapse in May and has been on life support since, in order to give her baby a chance at life.

The little girl was taken by C-Section, weighing just 1 pound, 13 ounces. She has been named Susan in honor of her mother.

The Torres Family is in need of financial support given the crushing medical bills which have mounted. If you are so moved, please visit the website for the Susan Torres Fund.


LDI has announced that it has updated its Corporate Boycott list, based upon corporate support for Planned Parenthood and its various affiliates. We have ordered a copy, but here are a few of the new names: Ernst & Young, Epic Systems, Time Warner, Oracle, and Wells Fargo.

They join noteworthy corporations like Walt Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential Insurance, and Wachovia.


Speaking of corporate support for Planned Parenthood, we need to have a heart-to-heart with area businesses that belong to the Boise Chamber of Commerce.

A Statesman article indicates that "Ambassadors" from the Boise Chamber will conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony at the palatial new offices of Planned Parenthood next Wednesday (8-10-05).

This spray-coating of legitimacy is no big stretch for the liberals running Boise's Chamber of Commerce - but the partnership with evil ought to cause members to finally sit-up and take responsibility for the runaway organization.


Democrat candidate for Governor Jerry Brady is holding a Ketchum fundraiser this month. He will be joined by losing presidential candidate John Kerry and his millionaire wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. The cost is $250 per person, $400 per couple. Brady will ultimately pay a heavy interest rate for using these abortion-rights extremists to finance his campaign.


Often in this struggle to battle the money and darkness of the Abortion Lobby, a guy can lose track of the big battles quietly won. But the Lord has a sweet way of bringing us the good news that our labor is not in vain.

In making fundraising calls this past week for the lawsuit, I spoke with a sweet Christian woman in Nampa who has quietly supported our work for many years. In the course of that conversation, she reminded me that she first got involved with Idaho Chooses Life after hearing me speak at a luncheon in Nampa several years ago.

Listening to my personal encounter with the true horror of abortion, she resolved to share my testimony with her children - to more boldly confront the sinister influences which seduce us all into embracing death.

A couple years later, her daughter went off to college. That freshman year, a friend of hers got pregnant. All around her counseled that abortion was the only solution which made sense. Except for this Christian girl - who defended the truth of God's word about the sanctity of human life. Because of her conviction, the friend chose to give that baby life.

The Lord dispenses love and hope each new morning - and it is just amazing to learn when He takes our little offerings and works such mighty results.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Pro-Life Group Files Amicus Brief in Federal Court

Idaho Chooses Life Alliance, Inc. filed today a “Friend of the Court” brief in Idaho Federal District Court, supporting the State of Idaho’s motion for Judge Lynn Winmill to reconsider his previous ruling in the Parental Consent lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood.

The State filed its motion for reconsideration on July 15th.
“Our attorneys did an excellent job in preparing this brief for Judge Winmill,” said ICLA Executive Director David Ripley. “There is strong case law from the United States Supreme Court directing federal judges to show proper deference to the work of state legislatures. We are strongly convinced that Judge Winmill erred when he enjoined the entire Parental Consent law because of two ancillary provisions he found defective.”
In a preliminary ruling on July 7th, Judge Winmill found that the abuse reporting and post-emergency abortion notification portions of the law were “unconstitutional”.
“While we disagree with the court’s ruling in those two areas – it is important for Judge Winmill to recognize that they affect less than 5% of teenage abortions in Idaho,” Ripley added. “We are asking him to reinstate protections for the vast majority of Idaho’s teenage girls and their families.”
Idaho’s Parental Consent Law has been effective in Idaho from 2000 through 2004, and is credited with having reduced teenage abortions in the state by some 30%.