Friday, October 29, 2004

Monty Pearce for Senate in District 9

Today I’d like to focus on the Senate race in District 9. This district includes Adams, Payette, Washington and part of Canyon County.

The incumbent state senator, Monty Pearce, is facing a fierce challenge from Democrat Bob Barowsky. Barowsky has raised $16,000 as of the middle of this month, slightly more than Pearce.

Barowsky has just received $1000 from the Democratic Women’s Caucus, because of his strong pro-gay rights, pro-abortion views. Barowsky is opposed to a Marriage Protection Amendment, and is opposed to any restrictions on a woman’s right to abort her baby.
In addition, the Democrat Barowsky has told the Idaho Women’s Network that he supports increased tax-funding of Planned Parenthood – America’s largest abortion provider.

By contrast, Monty Pearce has earned an “A” grade for his pro-Life work in the Legislature. He played a crucial leadership role in the 2003 battle over ending the state government’s subsidy of Planned Parenthood. Monty Pearce has fought for Parental Consent before girls can get abortions; and he helped in the battle to end public funding of abortions.

A recent column by Dan Popkey revealed that a couple of IEA-backed Republicans are bailing out on Monty Pearce because of his conservative views. Apparently the liberal Republican State Representative Clete Edmunson is one of them. In fact, the IEA, Idaho’s teacher union, has pumped $2000 into Barowsky’s campaign.

No doubt abortion politics are at least partially responsible for Edmunson’s failure to support Monty Pearce. Edmunson has a perfect “0” on pro-Life issues coming out of his first term – and no doubt will continue to be a serious problem for the pro-Life movement in the next Legislature.

It is imperative to the future of preborn babies that Monty Pearce wins re-election.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Our Vote on Tuesday Has International Impact

While the national struggle for America’s moral future rages – a crucial battle is being waged at the United Nations. No less than the future of the human race is at stake.
The United States Senate has failed to deal with the issue of human cloning. Pro-aborts like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton want to make sure that human cloning for research purposes remains legal. Folks who value human dignity want a complete ban on human cloning – including the manufacture of human beings so that their stem cells can be harvested like so much cotton.

The Congress has already passed a complete ban on human cloning.

Strange enough – President Bush is actually making greater progress at the United Nations on the issue. There are two human cloning treaties pending in that body. One would allow cloning for research, but ban cloning for reproductive purposes. The other, backed by the United States and Costa Rica, would create a global ban on human cloning for any purpose.
The socialist leader of the U.N., Kofi Annan, has weighed in against the United States’ proposal, saying he would support a partial ban. In response to his public endorsement of human experimentation, a U.S. State Department official said the Administration continues to believe that “all cloning is wrong and should be banned.”

The treaty language backed by the U.S. says that cloning is “unethical morally reproachable and contrary to due respect for the human person ….”

Support for a partial ban is coming from several European nations, as you might expect, including France and Belgium.

The U.S. has so far gained the support of some 69 nations. The outcome of Tuesday’s election may well determine what happens at the U.N, which in turn sets a course for the entire human race: Will we turn our backs on the lessons of Nazism?